30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 14


Hi everyone.
Breakfast today was cereal and coffee
Lunch was a peanut butter & honey sandwich.
Supper was a raclette dinner for my wife’s birthday, complete with bread, chicken, steak, cheese, onions, peppers, garlic spread, and homemade cookie dough brownies. Still, don’t think I overdid it.
No workout today, had a run yesterday.


Oooh sounds LUSH


B none
L 2 brown breadbuns , skimmed milk latte
T half a ham pizza, small portion of chips, 1 mini cupcake thing

Exercise helpd a mate with a job which was lifing n howking n that


@rkr786 weighed in at 16 stone 12 lbs today. Not sure if it is the case as I weighed myself on Weds and Thurs and was 16 stone 10 lbs on both weigh ins. Again i have to draw strength from feeling like i am doing the right things. I’ve had three good runs this week, i have ate well and generally feel better. Have to persevere


Ah yea did i tell yous btw i weight myself at last, turns out am sadly still between 5’3 n 5’4 but i just cannit gain height so hav 2 loose weight instead. Which is 18 stone, bmi 43.9. Which actually isnt as bad as i thought!!! Last couple of weeks must b payin off :v::+1::muscle:


Must have been quite a bump…he hasn’t posted since! @Drums1875 …explain yourself! :grinning:


Catastrophic. Some cock of a truck driver swerved ove to my side of the road and took out my mirrors. Papped myself. That was and is my truck off the road.
Anyway good food wise. Went the gym again. I weighed in this morning as I’m away tonight. Can’t believe it. I’m 2 lb up. Everything was on point. 4 days of good solid exercise. Food all good. Down approximately 200 calories per day. But I feel better. So keep pushing on.

Again smashed the gym again. Only 10 mins on rower tho as my lad came in early. Worked hard on the weights and again done core. Was able to get down and up off the floor myself. You thinnies won’t understand but us fatties will know.

Today was the same lunch as yesterday. Off out for the night. Staying away and having a few tonight. Not sure what food I’ll be eating tonight.


@Drums1875 looks like things are going well, except for the truck, other drivers are idiots sometimes.


Ok lads. I’ve been on and off this group for a bit but I need to focus on this one. The challenge is now 5 weeks left and I’ve around 7 to lose. Doable but not way Ive been last few weeks. I’m at my lowest for years and I’ve taken the foot off the gas a bit. I’m happy I’ve lost 23/24 lbs but i will be happier if I lose the full 30.

This will be the main group now with the 30day.

Maintaining this week at 287 having been one down on Tuesday. I’ll take it as we had pizza last night and a few beers after being at the golf all day.

More of the same today with a bit of walking at the golf. Plan is to walk around d the course then sit and watch players pass by for a bit. I will try get a spin class this evening but more realistically it will be tomorrow. And I may step on the rowing machine as I will have a bit of time.

Breakfast coco pops and some tea.
Rest of day I shall see but it will be decent choices and no fast food


Apologies for the delay, busy day yesterday.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Yellow vegetable curry with brown rice.
D: Veggie gyoza, pumpkin korroke, soba noodles.
S: N/A
E: Rest day. Hit 17.5k steps though!
W: Over 3 litres.

Good luck with your weigh ins today, gents. Hoping to hit my 10% on Tuesday!


Poor choices regarding socialising and alcohol past couple of days, and reflected on the scales as I’ve stayed flat despite efforts on the rower, but I’ve this coming week’s progress to look forward to… I’m feeling pretty light and bouncy-fit with metres done on rower…I need @Greenballs to get stuck in to regular rows so he can feel same benefits… he’ll find time tonight after golf :grinning:


Will be on it this week see how it benefits me. Spin class tomorrow then a half hr on rower if I can. Otherwise I’ll use the one on our complex. Wife is off so I’ve a bit of flexibility. Just back from the golf and legs are sore from all the walking.


Hopefully it’s a Concept 2, coz some others not man enough. It WILL benefit you…just don’t try and go all macho…keep nice even pace for the half hour. If you’re £ucked after ten minutes you’ve set it too high…try around 6.5 setting.


Seriously p155ed off with myself this week.

Talk about grasping defeat from the jaws of victory. I also joined a 30 day group, which weighs in on Tuedays.

Last Saturday on here I got to 28 lbs, so was looking forward to hitting the 30 by today. In fact when I weighed in for the Tuesday group I was down to 194.0 lbs. 30.4 since joining this group.

Today I was 200.2 lbs. So not only have I not yet lost 30 lbs on here, I’m even further away than I was last week.

And this in the week I joined a gym. Wasted pounds in every sense.


Not my best week food wise, but exercise was good, and it shows in my weight loss. Weighed in @ 10am today @ 2lbs down from last week, pretty stoked about that.
Yesterday breakfast was cereal, lunch was a 4egg omelette, 2of those were just the whites. Supper was some leftover goulash (tomato meat sauce with veggie macaroni noodles cooked in the sauce, and cheese added).
Today I had cereal for breakfast
I ended up taking one of the guys out for his lunch, so had this pea protein based burger and sweet potato fries for lunch.
Supper will be an omelette or a chicken stir fry, haven’t decided.


Could be a number of things, don’t give up on the gym as that’s a positive for sure. Maybe you had more carbs, or less water than usual, causing your body to hoard water?


hey @theseventensplit that’s a great loss!

Is that right? I have always understood that water is important, but no-one ever explained to me why or how it works - are you saying I need to drink more water to lose more water - I can kinda see that if it is flushing out other stuff?


@Unimatrix0 ditto with the scales. Suffering today after last night’s shenanigans. Fish, battered chips, mushy peas. Its a black country thing and it was a planned treat which turned out to be disappointing.
Tea was tandoori chicken and an omelette.


I do know that i seem to be a lower weight if I drink a good ammount of water (3ltr minimum). but I know that carbs also cause us to store water, so I think it’s a combo. Though I do notice a difference just from drinking lots of water (including a far to numerous ammount of bathroom breaks)


I’m low carb between 20/30 grams a day and drink loads of water. About 3 litres a day. Just one of those days I suppose.