30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 14


Not a good day as the Japanese fair I was at had one veggie option and I didn’t fancy it for dinner after having it for lunch and last night’s dinner.

Fingers crossed the lack of breakfast helped control the calorie intake. Gym in the morning.

B: N/A
L: Veggie gyoza, pumpkin korroke, soba noodles.
D: Pea and bean crunchy sticks, Graze flapjack, 3 x 5 calorie jellies.
S: Waffle with ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate. Toffee and pecan shot thing.
E: 10k steps.
W: Over 2 litres + 3 alcohol free beers.


Thanks guys,

Seriously your replies have been helpful. I guess sometimes when I lose the plot I get ashamed and don’t post, then feel more alone, so big THANKS everyone.



What’s the plan at gym? @Unimatrix0 …have you been a regular before? As I can’t do weights at present (hernia tear to get sorted), my Wattbike and the Concept 2 rower are my weapons of choice.

Is there a decent rower in your gym.,.great for fat-burning…


What do you do at gym @atb88 ?..


Not sure @Zero4. Haven’t been a ‘regular’ for a number of years. My legs are ok due to walking a lot, so need to concentrate on arms and upper body. Rowing could be in there, but they also have a pool, so may just concentrate on getting back into swimming.


Maybe BOTH would be good result for you…


@Zero4 here you go …

Sorry the image is a bit fuzzy - the phone was covered in sweat. Basically 6.1Km in 30 minutes. Then swam 1Km.


Nice job @Unimatrix0!
I wish I enjoyed the rower more. I don’t mind the treadmill cause it keeps me fit so when the summer rolls around I can go outside, and it lets me throw on a netflix show while running, thus distracting me from how dull and unexciting running on a treadmill truly is.


Thanks @theseventensplit. I know what you mean - I have always considered the gym as something to be endured rather than enjoyed, but if it’ll get me restarted then I’ll give it a go.


However, I do find that I like that routine of going to the gym or working out in the mornings, feels like a nice refreshing way to start my day


Good job @Unimatrix0… I’ll go so far as to PROMISE that if you were to pump that same effort out every day for a fortnight, or at worst on alternate days, you’ll be thanking yourself for putting up with the apparent boredom.

I used to NOT do turbo-training on road bike because of the same prospect, but I overcame it and pressed on because I’d read the HUGE benefits of such concentrated training to your road cycling…and the same applies to rowing.

If you didn’t already, after a few repeats you’ll find some form of counting mantra and pattern will come into your head. At first it might annoy you, but best embrace it and use it to get you through the set. For example, it takes me around 150 strokes to get through 1,000 metres…and I found myself counting up to fifty, then restarting and counting one-to-one hundred, by which time the thousand was up…and you go again…and other patterns to your rythmic counting will come to you.

I found myself doing those things to counter the automatic habit of watching the metres go up (if you’ve set it to ‘Just Row’)…or metres going down (if you’ve set it to count down from, say 5,000 or 2,000 metres).

Promise, promise, promise…persevere and you’ll love the feel-good factor, if not the actual process, that stationary rowing gives you :grinning:


I see what you did on that row…set it to ‘30 minutes’…good to do that, and hopefully some variance and later comparisons with yourself would bring some ‘interest’ to proceedings!


Yes, I know 30 minutes is 30 minutes whether you count up or down, but psychologically counting down is better for me. If I’m counting up I can stop anywhere and say that’s all I planned to do anyway, whereas counting down I feel ‘obligated’ to carry on to zero. Weird uh?


@Unimatrix0…I know exactly what you mean and, just wait, persevere and you’ll find your counting mind will conjure up all sorts of tricks on your behalf!

I developed a sniffle overnight which has stayed throughout the day… unusual because I usually shake them off straight away. I’ve been good though as I’ve followed the advice I quite regularly dish out to my missus and mates who run, cycle or swim…‘Listen to your body’ …if you’re ill or I, cut things short or cut them out until you’re recovery is assured.

I’ve cut tonight’s rowing at 9,000 metres, short of planned target…but it puts me over the 300,000 metre mark for my 'RowVember Challenge’s - 303,000 metres actually, so I’ll take some solace from the abbreviated session…and see how I feel tomorrow or Wednesday to continue.