30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 15


Morning all. Few weeks left and I know what I have to do. Where are we all at? Are we going to hit the 30? I might but if I don’t it won’t be far off but I’m still happy with the effort either way

Coco pops today then to the gym for a spin class or The Trip as les Mills call it. This is a YouTube of it

Wanted to do rower at the gym but I froze as it was busy. I guess I’m just not there yet which I found annoying. Went back to our own gym and did 1500m. Legs were sore from spin class so it was hard enough.

@Zero4 this is what I’ll be working with. It’s a pile of poo. The ones at gym are matrix machines.

Anyway grocery shopping time soon so I’ll work out food later. CHicken dish later anyway.

Have a good one folks

30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 14

Im not sure if im gona hit 30 lbs in time cos i joined in late n only weight myself afew days ago so not really sure what my start weight was. Gona try tho, its all i can do !!
Startin 2 feel abit nervose about the xmas countdown even tho it still over a month


Not see nor used that brand before…pity gyms don’t have more and ensure they’re top quality as it’s about the most underused and under-rated bits of kit and exercise in the gym.

Fantastic fat-burner and cardio…


What puts me off it is how much it hurts my hands, is there a way 2 stop that?


You must have soft hands… I’ve had a blister, but you can pull more with fingers(and less palms) only on ‘oars’, other than that you could try gloves if you’ve got any leather ones. My hands now hardened up a bit at contact points, but I’ve banged in quite a few metres this month to achieve that…persevere though @Biffa94 because it’s great bit of gym kit and not enough gym-goers realise it and just play with running machines etc…


I will try that. Its actually makes like the inside hurt including wrists, dunno if am just holding it wrong
Aye thats me like, am well in2 the treadmill n i LOVE the cross trainer, get a total buzz… but am never v enthusiatic about the rowing machine. Or the bike


Morning. After beer Friday, fish & chips Saturday I jumped on the scales to see the damage. Mind boggles as at my lowest in weight. Always weigh in the morning.

So had early breakfast for me 9.30. No bacon but it smells lovely. Just some blueberries, raspberries and Greek yogurt.
My lunch is chicken casserole already cooked and I’ll have some spring cabbage, sprouts and cauliflower. Going to start well for the coming week. Need to break the 310 barrier


Didn’t get to the gym but walked 10k steps.

B: N/A
L: Breaded sweet potato, pepper and sweet chilli sauce roll.
D: Veggie lasagne, broccoli.
S: N/A
E: 10k steps.
W: Over 2 litres.

Really hungry so bed soon.


Been a really hard day tbh
B sausage sandwich
L non
T stirfry
Snack chocolate n cans of pop n all that. Aye gone abit off the rails tbh. Could of been worse i suppose


Back on track tomorrow, lad! Don’t let it get to you.


Just had abit of a wobble in my thinkin/mood as well as diet.
Back on track 2moro. Me mvfia group thing kick off 2moro so that b a boost


Aye, my head’s gone a bit this weekend as well. Good luck with the IA, make sure you stick to it!

Quick question, now that you know your weight, how does it make you feel?


I dunno how 2 feel about my weight. In 1 way it wasnt as bad as i thought but was shockd 2 hear my ideal weight is no more then10stone. Could be as low as 7stone 9lbs!!! I dont think i weighed that since i was a kid so it feels like a big thing. Almost impossible tbh


Definitely not impossible, mate. I was 35st at the start of the year, down to 28st 4lbs now. My ideal weight is about 12ish stone I think.

You’ll get there, mate, hopefully we all will!


Ah nice 1!! Well done. Me im sayin am aiming for like 15 stone short term which is still well obese for my height but i cant think about 10stone n whatever just yet cos that feels like a different person or something if it makes sense


100%, mate. Baby steps, SMART goals. You’ve got this!

Good luck with the IA.




Keep it up!


Good day for me,
Weights in the morning, followed by :
Cereal and coffee for breakfast
Typical omelette for lunch, starting to get tired of them though, have to change it up.
Supper, I made the guys I support mashed Potato’s, and ended up eating some of the leftovers before supper.
Supper was a chicken and veggie stir fry, with some noodles tossed in. Tasted good and is pretty low calories too, lots of protein and veg.


21,000 metres on rower yesterday, and relatively healthy food choices (lasagne isn’t too healthy, but I’d planned the row first, so it was my treat!)… spinach and sweet corn with it…

Today’s looking good. Scoff all made up and ready to go, and heading straight to gym after work.