30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 15


So 5 weeks and one day to xmas eve. 4 weeks from Friday to end of challenge. What’s the plan men?
I’m cutting drink and processed food for a while. Gonna go strict see how I go. Need to stay off takeaway, pizza and the place of the clown. Bad weekend due to being out all weekend at golf.
Better start to today with walking at 9am along the coast.

Breakfast eggs and the toast.
Lunch more of the same as was rushing to get somewhere.
Dinner chicken Stir-fry with rice

Limiting the bad snacks so I’ll be sticking to fruit for the foreseeable. Banana today in between meals.

Group finishes next week but I want to use this as the main for ridicule. If I fall off ask me why. And as sure as hell kick the virtual shite out of me. @Zero4


I need to get a shift on if only 5 weeks.
Lunch was a pork salad . Last night I went around to my mom’s where she put out cheese, biscuits, and meats. We had this about 7ish.

Gym planned for tonight. Good luck everyone


@Greenballs… I will …promise :grinning:


Im just gonna keep on, if ne thing am gona work on its planning more, eg. Bring lunch out with me, make a rough plan 4 the day what am gonna eat. Also ration takeaway 2 NO MORE THEN 1 a week

Iv been thinkin about settin meself a challenge for xmas day itself 2 help giv me abit focus. Im lucky 2 live near the sea so i was thinkin a big long walk along the coast or something


Ditch the cans of pop or even just make sure they were diet versions and that wasn’t that bad a day…


I actually made an entire 4 week plan in the early days. Whatever helps to lose weight. :+1:


Aye, it wasnt as bad as it could of been like. Had serious hunger thought a binge was on the cards but managed 2 swerve it eh


Any weight loss regime should have moments of hunger. After all, you will be in a calorie deficit.

That’s why it’s better to placate those hunger pangs with salad, or a tin of soup rather than crisps, chocolate & biscuits…


Yeah, its actually my main diet guide more then calorie counting or owt, just letting myself b abit hungry. If i am, am probs on the right lines. Its just when it gets 2 far n react thing wrong way. Balance an that lol :relieved:


Weigh in tomorrow for me, need to lose 0.8kg to hit 10% weight loss for the season. I’m also 6lbs off 100lbs from the start of the year which would be epic!

Hope everyone’s keeping well.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Soup and salad.
D: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, cherry peppers stuffed with goats cheese.
S: N/A
E: 30 minute power walk (12k steps hit for the day).
W: Over 4 litres.


This was my rowing figures on the 7th Nov.

And this was tonight’s figures.
Also 1hr 45 mins in gym altogether doing weights and core.

Got my weigh in tomorrow for my monthly group. Let’s see how the scales look.

I’ve thrown away 10 black bin liners of old clothes today in the charity shop cus they’re massive on me. I’m hoping it’ll keep me focused on the journey.

Tea was 2 pork chops and an omelette with vegs in it.


Iv been planning a xmas day walk 5.5miles along the coast then back. But im gonna hav 2 test if am actually up 2 walkin that far/got time 2 train. Getting quite excited about the idea either way


@atb88 …we like the prospect of epic…keep at it, you must feel really pleased with yourself…and for good reason. What do your friends and colleagues say?


That’s great stuff @Drums1875…rowing (like any endurance training…running/cycling) reflects that early perseverance shows quite rapidly in improved times… definitely keep at this rowing lark Mr Drums because - give it a couple of weeks endeavour and you will actually FEEL better in that your heart (a muscle when all is said and done) will strengthen and the benefit will be your’s.


All very supportive, mate, it’s really encouraging.

They can see the loss in my face and neck the most which I can also see having looked at my before photos. Even got called gaunt recently! :joy:


Morning ppl hope yous got a gd day ahead…

Just wanna say 1st of all i am VERY VERY SORRY if i offended ne1 here i abosutly did not mean 2 n i will try my best never do it again!!

2nd thing iv got a plan 4 a xmas day walk, am thinkin 5.7 miles each way, which am thinkin will take about 4hrs in total (maybe longer if i need breaks lol). Im gona mention it 2 the gym ppl 2day how i can train up but in general am a v good walker (perks of not driving lol) so i reckon.im close. Thought it gives me abit focus as we come up the xmas hype lol


I saw the post but couldn’t mind that it said. I don’t get offended easily so I just passed it by. Remind me what it said. Don’t worry about it here. You’ve apologised to those that got offended. Just get on with why you are here


Am afraid i cant really repeat what it said or it might offend ppl all over again n i dinnit wanna get banned lol
But rest assure it was not like a sexist/racist/homophobic/against disabled ppl thing or owt like that or about serious crimes u shudnt joke about, im not THAT horrible


The only thing am wondering does ne1 know if theres anything u can do 2 help with sore bits on ur thighs off walking/jog , does ne1 else get this?


It’s called DOMS, mate. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, it’s a good sign.