30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 15


Ah right nice one thanks. The other day it was bleeding abit i think i need moisteriser or something lol


Wait, I thought you meant your muscles were sore.

What was bleeding? Is it where your thighs rub together at the top?


Well i do get both tbh… i wont even start on the state i was in after i done boxercise class, eeeh i could hardly walk pmsl

Yes thats what it is, can b abit of a stinger n am thinkin this might b an issue if i do a big long walk


Sudocrem will get it to heal quickly, would highly recommend it.

I found that when my boxers would ride up, I’d get this. Don’t tend to get it any more, not sure if it’s because that area’s hardened or they don’t rub as much.

Can be painful sometimes though.


When I did a session of bodypump for the first time and only time ever I had Doms for about a week as I’d worked muscles I never knew I had. Found out today that there’s a class before spin. Might have to give it another go. Might lose a bit more first before I decide to tone. Another male in the class so would be much easier


Shorts with the lining inside them. Get them anywhere but they will do the job.


I used to get this too, sometimes as you say, just a long walk - but the combination of sweaty nether regions, rubbing underwear and rough jeans would do it. try boxerbreifs, that hold tighter to your legs rather than rub, also cotton is best as you’ll sweat less than with manmade fibres


Aye, ill try that. It plays up sometimes n it usually worse when iv been doing more exercise

Ah yea @Greenballs i was the same, think i got abit ahead of myself with that class i mean i was glad i powered thru, finished it/survived… but it wasnt ideal being basically not able 2 walk for a week! Sooo much SQUATTING i hadnt expectd that!!! One of these days ill go back lol


Thanks 4 the tips all of yous, will try them out!!


@Drums1875 … I’ve just had something that I could use as an example of how you will feel good as and when you persevere with rowing regularly and building heart strength up - I’ve just fast-walked up steps going over railway bridge and quickly down the other side and I doubt my heart rate rose much at all, and I was nowhere near being short of breath, let alone breathless…all this and better awaits you :grinning:


Lunch was tinned mackerel in olive oil with the usual salad. Got boxercise planned for tonight. Missus not feeling it at the moment. Lad is going gym as he’s got to start working more with his legs as he’s getting over his knee problem. His physio has set his plan back to fitness so he has to build his muscles up. He can’t get to the gym after Wednesday so going to go there. Boxercise is more beneficial to me at the moment.


B grapes n coffee
L more grapes. Got rly hungry n had a forbidden egg sandwich… bad. Oh well, will hav 2 make up 4 it later
T ???
Snacks 5.quality street chocolates
Gym later


So my day.

Spin this morning

Breakfast porridge with coffee
Lunch eggs and toast 2slices
Dinner chicken stirfry with rice

Weight was the same as last week in my group but I expect to be down for the weekend. Big push now for the last few weeks.


Another pretty good day today;

B - Plain omelette, OJ, Coffee
L - Mackerel in tomato sauce
D - 3 bean chilli with extra veg; 0 fat Greek yogurt
S - none yet
W - 3-4 litres
E - 10 Km walk.

Total kcals in: about 850 (so far - may have a banana or some grapes later if still hungry).


Boxercise done tonight
Steak, 2 duck eggs, and stirfry vegs afterwards. All done going to shower and bed.


Copied from my IA as it’s late and I’m tired. Buzzing though!

Evening, all! 5lbs loss this week which takes me to my 10% weight loss for the season at 9 weeks in.

Really chuffed with it as I was feeling bloated this morning and was convinced I was going to maintain/go up.

Hope you’re all keeping well.

B: Scrambled egg, tomato, mushrooms, bubble and squeak.
L: Soup.
D: Banana, 2 protein energy bars.
S: Salt and vinegar chickpeas, Popchips, 4 scrambled eggs.
E: Man v Fat football.
W: Over 3 litres.


B grapes n coffee

L more grapes… that was suppose 2b it but i also had egg sanwich

T branflakes yoghurt an raisins

Snack 5 quality street chocolates

Gym session, treadmill, cross trainer, weight machines etc


Went strict this week so expecting a big loss. No processed food,no bad snacks, no soft drinks and limited the bread. More exercise.
Expecting big things this week and it’s showing on scales already.
This week already 2 spin classes 2 walks and another booked for tomorrow. Today’s I walked 7km before 10am.

Breakfast today was eggs on toast.
Lunch tin tuna with some bread
Dinner chicken with something. Possibly pasta.

Water will be over 4.5litres


Any chance you could knock bread off altogether? :open_mouth:


I couldn’t. If I don’t eat like I used to I’d be grand. But it’s when I go for sandwiches 4 slices with fillings then decide I want toast later. I’ll cut down to maybe breakfast and/or lunch but not over indulge. Don’t want to ruin progress over bread. Us irish love anything between 2 slices of bread.