30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 15


Anything??? :grinning:…the mind boggles :eyeglasses: :eyeglasses:!


Yip. I once had custard creams inside 2 slices. But I was a kid.


…to become a BIG kid? …


Aren’t we all?


When I was ‘proper’ poor I used to have one slice of bread with salad cream on, one with ketchup. You’d squidge 'em together for a not totally unpleasant flavour sensation sandwich. When I was only poor I upgraded the salad cream to mayo. Oh, how I miss those days :rofl:


Many years ago I recall buying one of my sisters for a Christmas present a book entitled ‘The Late-Night Boozers Cookbook’ … hilarious; and it will have included recipes such as your respective sandwich descriptions, and worse! - All the combinations you could possibly concoct from your larder / fridge late at night when you’re tanked-up!


Sounds like a great read @zero4.

I also have the Spam and Marmite cookbooks, among others, both of which are inspirational…

Who can forget the scene in the vicar of Dibley, where the great Liz Smith’s character says 'It was supposed to be a chocolate cake, but I didn’t have any so I used Marmite!


back to more serious matters @Zero4, today has been a mixed day so far - Exercise wise I would probably say my best ever!!!

6.1 Km rowed again - different type of machine, couldn’t get photo before it reset
1.0 Km swam - despite obstacles
8.0 Km walked - quite calming

emotional and food entries to follow once I’ve got my head around them!


I remember those days. That was sometimes my tea. @Unimatrix0. Food never crossed our minds then. Use to have toast or if you were lucky cornflakes if you had milk. And if you had milk my mom would add water to it to make it go further. Ha ha ha ha. Dinner was cheese triangle and you’d have to wait for me dad to come and eat whatever he was having. You couldn’t leave anything as that was criminal .


Any way the fat bloke returned today. My pal phoned up to meet for breakfast. Now i was Going to only have a cup of tea, but as we ordered a big breakfast slipped out of my mouth. The good news was i bought my salad home and ate it for my tea. Hit the gym, only 10 mims on the rower as i was bored. Jumped on the bike next to my nipper for another 10 mins. Overall, 1hr 20 mins in gym altogether. Shoulders and core tonight.


Cheat day:

B: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, roasted and salted cashews and peanuts, nutty cocoa bircher.
L: Vegetarian moussaka, Quinoa chips, millionaires shortbread.
D: Vegetarian Christmas wrap, falafel and hummus wrap, Quavers, Monster Munch (both grab bags).
S: Box of Maltesers truffles (they’re new and I had to try them… and it’s cheat day)!
E: Rest day.
W: Over 3 litres + 5/6 non-alcoholic Heineken.

I think I’ve overdone it if I’m honest, feel awful now and I think it might play havoc with my sleep. I’m going to re-evaluate cheat days going forward.


How was the malteser things?

General opinion on my IA group yesterday was i didnt eat enuf
B branflakes yogurt n raisons
L cheese sandwich
T tomato soup. It said serves 2 but i had the lot
Am eyeing up the raisins again probs gona hav some

No particular exercise exept usual walk


They were awful, mate.

So good.


Haha luv it


Alright all.
Breakfast today porridge and coffee
Lunch was chicken and rice from last night. Tasty
Was hungry later so had a chicken fillet steamed from what we made last night.
Dinner could be the chicken but been out all night so haven’t got to sit down and have anything yet. Not hungry so we will see.

Took the child to McDonald’s so had a coffee in there while she ate.

Spin class this morning. So I’m taking a break til Sunday due to different things over the weekend. I’ll get walks in for the min 30min per day for the Dubai fitness challenge. 2 days left


I feel a bit of a wobble coming on. My lunch was chicken salad with a chicken leg to accompany it. Was still hungry after and the fat bloke was sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear all day. I collapsed and stopped off at the chippy and bought a mini fish with a scollop. Gutted cud I’ve got a weigh in tomorrow for the new group that most of us are in plus the 30 lbs by Christmas. I could kick my self but that’s addiction for you. It’s never to far away. I’m off to boxercise in a bit. Hopefully it’ll rectify some of the damage. For tea I’ve pulled out a goat curry that I’d frozen from the other week.

Copied over from my monthly group. I’ll be weighing in tomorrow and that’ll be my weigh in day from now till the end of the challenge.


B none
L egg mayo sandwich, crisps, 2 chocolate digestives
T ??
Snacks 2 more chocolate digestives

Gym later

I dunno if that was a good or bad day so far, i did try but dunno if i got it right


Dont beat urself up, every1 has them moments at least u only ordered mini version, could of been alot worse! U back on track already


@Drums1875 …do you quite like those tins of sardines/mackerel in tomato sauce (or brine or olive oil) that all supermarkets sell?..and similar tinned fish. I keep a couple of those in boot or glovebox of car so if I happen to get peckish they become my first port of call should I succumb to temptation after lunch…

They’re quite filling in their own right and a definite help to overcome that dive for the unhealthy chippy or garage forecourt shop… maybe you could experiment with chucking a couple of tins in your cab? I’ve had one in boot unopened for months! :grinning:


I had a tinned sardines yesterday for my lunch to go with my salad yesterday. Took one look at it and ended up in the cafe. Getting a bit fed up I think. At least I took the salad home and ate it for tea. Before I’d eat that as well.

On the plus side, Everyone is commenting on how I’m looking at the moment. The lad who runs his circuit club where I do boxercise had a chat with me afterwards tonight saying how well im doing. 2 people in the class commented how well im doing. So everything is going Rosie it just does your head in that I make wrong choices every now and then, and at crucial times like just before weigh in. Cheers for the advice @Zero4. I may just do that.