30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 15


This poxy cold is still making weightloss effort hard… can’t believe I can’t shake it off. Staying in bed today as it’s Saturday and weather looks $hite and there’s plenty of rugby to watch, so might as well be properly ill !

‘Starve a fever, feed a cold’ so they say…missus brought me porridge in bed this morning…plus cough syrup and pills. Lasagne with spinach tonight…not good choices without exercise, but I need to rid myself of this cold and go again on recovery.


5 mile walk…2.5 each way if that isnt a stupidly obvious comment. It was quite easy even tho i didnt feel so well so thats made me feel abit happy that im on track 4 my target. Luckily i got back b4 it startd raining.
Now 2 put my feet up, relax n hav a nice comforting… salad. Hahaaa kinda regret swapping it with my soup earlier, what do tho eh!! :grin:


Hope u feel better soon. Seems 2b abit of it goin round eh


Poor choices for me today. Bacon and egg on toast this morning, samosa for lunch, pie chips and gravy in a tray with 2 pieces of bread and butter.

Big day tomorrow. It can go either way depending on the score. If we get the result it’ll be a write off. My lads meeting up at 8 up town. They’ve got tickets. I’m out at 11 to watch it around my mates. Staying away from the pubs to start with. Birmingham gets very lively on these days.


Evening, all. I resisted the pie at the ground and we got 3 points! Top day. UTFT!

B: 3 boiled eggs, 1 slice of white toast.
L: N/A
D: 2 veggie fingers, breaded cauliflower cheese, mash, carrots, broccoli. Stupidly went back for another massive serving of mash too
S: 6 x Petits Filous yoghurts.
E: N/A - still ill.
W: Over 3 litres.

Not the best of choices and I’m getting worried about my Tuesday weigh in (like every week).

Hope you’re all going well.


21st Dec 2017 I was 176kg/ 388lb. This morning I was 139kg/308lb. 36.5kg/80 lb, 5 & half stone loss in 11 months. Although I’ve had not lost anything up until March so make it in 9 months.

It’s a long process but a fruitful one. I feel so much better for it. Long may it continue.


It’s brilliant @Drums1875…we all stall from time to time; but your general trend is clearly downward, so just brace yourself for your next determined push and keep your end result in mind…whatever that might be.

I’d personally have the goal of a ‘feeling’ rather than a specific target weight. For instance, I’ve stalled somewhat through injury and now temporary illness…but at current 14 stone 4 lbs I can see in mirror and how I FEEL now, that my getting to a weight around 13 stones is achievable and I know I will FEEL so much better, and clothes look and feel good, so that is to be my target FEEL when I relaunch on December 1st.

But well done @Drums1875 on your great losses to date…


Well done @Drums1875. That’s amazing, and brilliant that you’ve stuck with it for nearly a year.

I usually find ‘new’ diets/routines fairly easy to begin with as I enjoy doing something different/challenging, but it is really tough keeping the momentum going after a while, so good on ya mate.


My weekend was a total write off. Back to it today. Thanks for the pat on the back lads. Much appreciated.


4-2 whoops :sunglasses: = write-off?