30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 16


So I’m laid up with the back again. Pulled something yesterday and knew at the time but kept going. What a hero NOT. Currently on pain meds so will be out for a few days.

Today has been ok.

Scramble egg and toast for breakfast

Just got back in after being out all morning so had time for a quick sandwich before going back out.

Dinner is spaghetti bolognese as the young one likes it also.

Water will be 4litres but I’ve yet to get some into me yet.

Using yesterday’s weigh in of 281.2 which puts me 2.2lb off 30. 3 weeks to go lads.

I’ll create week 17 later and you can pist whenever


Best thing for a bad back is exercise according to studies.

See you in the gym.


Yeah I think I can do spin but I’ll give it a day. I’m currently struggling to walk. So annoying.


Back pain is the worst, I’m with you on that, my back’s made of glass.

Played football with a bad back on Tuesday, pain was gone Wednesday morning.

I’m also looking for an excuse not to start @Zero4’s challenge, if you can think of any for me, let me know. Just don’t tell him though!


Well my first attempt at c25k. Clean start as it’s 1st of Dec. 20 mins working to the plan then a 10 min brisk walk.

Then done some stretching and core.


Thats a good start you will soon be at the Saturday parkruns. Have you signed up for the footie at CTC?


@kevinb1959 no mate. Are you local


I used to live by the Wheatsheaf and play at lode heath, i still play there but live in Brixham but I work at Gaydon for jlr and stay in Earlswood 2 nights a week. Lode heath is a good friendly league.


Slipped a disc years ago and it seems to take a twinge every now and again. It’s really annoying


Do you know Mark Heath. He works at jlr.

Not sure about the football. Will have a look after Christmas. I’m doing boxercise Tues and Thurs . Gym Monday and Wednesdays. Just started c25k. So need to find another gym night. So all full at the moment.


Ah the football. Heard so much about it. You should go if you can but obv work depending on your line of work. I’d love to be able to play a league


I used to play rugby for Birmingham out at Forshaw Heath Lane, Wythall …not so far from Earlswood…built M42 straight through driveway since then!


I pass that ground on my way to the hotel in foreshaw heath , the limes, liking the thread makes good reading congratulations to you all


Good effort @Drums1875 … Onwards and upwards…


Evening, gents.

Really happy with a good start to the 250km challenge I’ve set myself.

Plan is to get into the gym tomorrow morning before travelling up to Anfield to watch the mighty Everton take 3 points in the kopites’ back yard! COYB!

B: N/A
L: 4 scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes and grilled mushrooms.
D: Wicked Kitchen Chinese BBQ vegetables with rice and a bag of mixed vegetables.
S: Chocolate Halo Top ice cream, Pulsin protein bar.
E: 10km cycled and 2km rowed in the gym.
W: Over 4 litres.

Hope you’re all well, fellas.


Keep it up @atb88 great activity.

New thread lads

30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 17


Nice job @atb88!