30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 17


Ok lads. Finally got to this. So under 3 weeks left unless some want to go to xmas eve. Finishing the Friday or Saturday before won’t make much difference anyway.

Can we get a roll call when people get a chance see whose still here?

30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 16

Morning all. Pretty good day yesterday. Weight was 192 lbs, so down 1.6 lbs on the week, and 32.4 lbs since joining the challenge.

Also made a good start on my 250000 metres in December challenge, doing slightly more than the daily average required to start to build a buffer zone.

B - Plain omelette, OJ, coffee
L - Banana
D - Quorn ‘chicken’, rice and vegetables
S - Grapes, 0 fat greek yogurt
W - 3 litres+
E - 7 mile walk


Still here, feel as though my cold is coming back, hopefully it’s just the sniffles.

Not gonna let it get in my way today, really hoping it doesn’t get any worse.


Still here but counting overall toll and effect on my 30 lbs effort of my late-October news of hernia PLUS £uckin’ cough/cold which took me off RowVember challenge two weeks early…and it STILL hasn’t gone,cso @atb88 i hope your cold isn’t the same strain.

Weight today is 202lbs, so only net loss of 8 lbs of the 30. It’ll be lower than that because i’ll have great 3-week run in, but it will need to be January before i hit my ultimate goal.


I know ur craic and how you lost what you lost. If you didn’t have the stuff going on you would have smashed this. We look forward to the impending Easter challenge which will be just shorter than this one. We will discuss in new year but same format.
We’ve been in this together for a few months and when ur in the zone ur in the fcking zone baby😎


Good morning. I’m still here. A can smell bacon so that’s my breakfast sorted.


I would love bacon here but not at nearly 8quid a packet :-1:t2::grimacing:


Mmmmmm bacon. I’m still here.



That’s good of you @Greenballs .

Fun in the gym today. 33,000 metres on Wattbike, 7,000 on Concept 2. I’ll settle for that whilst this cold tries to hang in there. Up on target for December challenge.

Food has been:

2 x chicken legs with mixed bean and sweetcorn salad
Earl grey tea with lemon cake

Not a bad day. More calories out overall than in.


Bacon and egg on toast this morning. Hmmmm.
Lunch was roast chicken with stirfry vegs. Followed by a scone with clotted cream and jam. My bad but lovely. My legs are a bit achy today, and my stomach where i was doing core yesterday. Head finally right after last night’s shenanigans.
Going around to my mom’s tonight with a pork pie, 2 home made scotch eggs, and some home made pate all bought from the farm shop today. My dad loves em. We’ll be sharing between the 4 of us. I might walk round to shake off the legs a bit. Let’s see if it’s not raining.


Copied from my IA as I’m tired and pissed off.

Evening, all. Not a bad day, but not a great day. Horrible last minute defeat at the hands of the kopites and cancelled trains means I’m sitting in Liverpool Lime Street waiting for the 20:47 train to depart which gets into Euston at 23:52.

I’ve eaten all my meals for the day but if there’s a free snack box on the train, I won’t be saying no. I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

B: 4 scrambled eggs with chives, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes.
L: Veggie curry with rice and flatbread.
D: Cheese ploughmans sandwich.
S: Fulfil protein bar.
E: 5km exercise bike, 2.5km rowing machine - threw my back out from not warming up.
W: Over 2 litres.

Hopefully my back will be better in the morning, as I won’t be getting to bed until very late. I won’t be hitting the gym in the morning as planned, but the hotel I’ll be in has one apparently so I’ll aim to get a workout in there. If not, I’ll go out for a walk.


There was no snack box, I was heavily disappointed. Got home, hungry, pissed off and stuck a vegan mac and cheese on. 460 calories I didn’t need and it wasn’t that nice.

It was at its use by date and it couldn’t be frozen so I ate it. Should’ve just binned it, disappointed, but I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

Fat bastard.


Many folk have fallen off wagon far, far worse than that of course, you’ve only had one meal out of place…get your head back in to that good place you were in at start of Challenge: …and go again fron Monday evening gym…stretch that back! :grinning:


Sir, yes, Sir!


I’ve had two weeks in doldrums…but I’m away now…and flying! :grinning:…join me!


I’ll do my best, mate. My nose is blocked again, seems like my body doesn’t want me to try hard.


Forgot to eat breakfast this morning and only realised when i stopped to eat lunch. Which is left over chicken and a salad.

Plan tonight is to get to the gym and continue with c25k. I’m aching in the legs and my stomach, but will get there as I know it’ll pass.

Good luck for the day


Ah well, good news for you - my cold involved no blocked nose, so your’s is a different strain so hopefully your cold will be short-lived.


Day off exercise in the hope my back is better for football tomorrow.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Soup and salad.
D: Mixed vegetable tortilla, goats cheese stuffed peppers, 4 mozzarella and tomato pastries.
S: N/A
E: Rest day - bad back.
W: Over 4 litres.

Good day apart from walking like Quasimodo.


Had chicken breast with a veg omelette tonight.

Hit the gym and done my 2nd c25k run on the treadmill. Done some weights and core. 5 x 30 sec planks and a good stretch.