30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 19


Last week of the challenge. If your in let’s keep this up. I’ve a few still and I know two of us have got there so we’ll done there. Actually @atb88 give me a few of yours to get me over the line and pass them around :wink:

Kid is off this week and wife is off a few days so big push from me to get over the line. Should really have been there weeks ago but I took it for granted. Folks can keep posting here after next week and we will sort an Easter or Pancake Tuesday challenge from the new year.

What shall we say 20lb by then?

I think we’ve stepped up when we know we’ve been accountable here outside our groups.

30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 18

@Greenballs I forget why for now, but I know that 20 by Pancake Tuesday made sense for some reason, and the fact that Easter is so far away may have been one of them.


Yeah let’s do that. When do you want to start a thread on it for participants? We may get the usual we have which I don’t mind but may spur others on




@atb88 ‘No’ to what? Perplexed of Tunbridge Wells.

Oh yes, I’m a £wat, I didn’t read Mr Greenballs’ post carefully enough! @atb88




I’m still here but have over enjoyed my weekend. Lol. Had a great one but that’s what made me get so big. I’ll be getting back on this week but will have to do grandparents duties this week so will struggle to get up the gym.


@Drums1875 you have done brilliantly mate, but lets not do this to ourselves - I lost the 30, then lost the plot.

Thankfully @rkr786 took his eye off the ball and I was able to hide the gain the next week (will be shaming myself shortly). I am still 0.2 above having lost the 30 lbs, and honestly the way my weight is changing I seriously can’t call the final verdict at this point.

They say you should aim to lose 1-2 lbs a week - fek I’m struggling to stay within +/- 5 lbs a DAY! I’ll have good days where I’ll lose upto 3 lbs, but the next day its greasy nibbles at lunch followed by an evening ‘do’ with pastry sh!t and booze or bread sh!t and booze or cakes and mince pies sh!t and booze… Is there a theme? LOL.

Point is I (and you) can and have done this, and will again - just maybe not for the next couple of weeks? I’m admitting weakness - sorry guys

I just don’t want any of us setting ourselves up against impossible odds, failing and reverting to ‘f*ck it’ mode which is where I am teetering at the moment.

Seriously guys cut yourselves some slack - but just as much as you need.


B: N/A
L: Wicked Kitchen enchiladas with broccoli.
D: Yorkshire pudding with hummus, Autumn vegetable hash with garlic mushrooms and onion rings.
S: Banana with 2 small slices of brown bread.
E: Resting the ticker.
W: Over 4 litres.


Yous have done well lads. All 3 of you above here. It’s the time that it is and you got where you wanted to. Fortunately for me Xmas is just another day here so I’m not exposed to what you are to. Who know what I’d be like if I was home. Xmas dos. Deli counters. Tins of sweets.
December is a terrible month anyway to stay focused when there’s a lot going on. But that why we have these groups etc. Accountability and we are still posting. Let’s see how the week goes report and move to the next challenge. Losing anything is an achievement and to have extra people contributing when it started off with 2 people’s idea in a group is something.


It’s a pity my best weeks in this were the early ones, followed by injury and mystery, and now finishing strong with newly researched (by me) intermittent fasting… we’ll see how near to -30 lbs I do get, but watch out -20 by Pancake Day coz I’m flying! :grinning::grinning:


Stuck down when you were flying. Summer just showed what you were capable of with those fasted rides. Weight flew off you then. First week of that will be Interesting. Have you eaten yet?


On Day 3 today.

Saturday didn’t eat until 7 pm, so a 22 hour fast.
Sunday, first scoff 6.30pm, so a 21 hour fast and today…
Currently at 15 hours, but will crack 20 hours, loss 21 before eating to load up before gym rowing!

All good. Bit shaky. More later!


@Zero4 you and me both m8 with the early losses - always the easiest. Do you think it makes us more prone to infections later by losing a lot quickly (obviously not hernia’s and lumps), as pretty much everyone on here has stalled, regressed, got ill in the last few weeks?

Wasn’t your appointment today? Hope you got on OK mate.


Hey @Zero4 you said you would let me know when you started this, so I could give feedback - where did day 3 come from? I’m not seeing your thread on my list??


Tagged you :+1:t2:


Apologies…coming up! I thought I had, but obviously not …


So he’s ‘it’ then, is he @Greenballs, or is that me just recalling my playground days😀?

@Unimatrix0. Yes, thanks, today’s appointment was ‘pre-assessment’ as now await “early, but not emergency” fast-tracked surgery on mystery lump on groin…still after MRI and ultrasound the consultants can’t fathom out what it is, so they’re going to remove it…could be this week, but failing that when I return from renting cottage in Brittany 21st Dec to 4th January.

I have to obtain a second referral from GP for hernia as consultant is a plastic surgeon, not hernia man! Seems daft they don’t all amalgamate whilst everyone admiring my nether regions!!

I think my November cough/cold was just bad luck, I’ve dodged the illness bullet for too long…years since I caught one. I’m going to be flying again though…and taking my Concept 2 rower in car with us to France!


Evening, gents. Not a bad day today, avoided the cookies in work that I bought for the team and haven’t opened the box of 24 Ferrero Rocher that my manager bought for each of us.

Went to Pizza Hut after work and had the lighter options which was a challenge. Looking forward to hitting football again tomorrow, I’ve missed exercising and really need to get the metres up on the challenge I’m in!

Hope you’re all doing well, don’t forget it’s Christmas so if you do go off the wagon, don’t beat yourself up and enjoy it. Come January, you guys are getting hench!

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Falafel, pitta and salad and extra falafel.
D: Flatbread pizza and sweet potato fries.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.


Waiting on a few more weigh ins guys - before I get the table out, it is up to date with the weigh ins i have got so far…