30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 19


Lookout @Drums1875…next year you’ll be light enough for your missus to consider sticking you ON the tree once you’ve put it up! :grinning:


Here get you on and post ur day. Curious to know how ur going


@Drums1875 @Zero4 You do realize … “Threza May, because your worthless” will be banning Christmas as a non-allowed European festival next year, HAHA

@Drums1875 Your choice Brexit or be a fairy. LOL


Not getting involved with the brexit thing. Very interesting topic at the moment. Very much like watching my missus flucking about with the tree lights. What ever I say I’m wrong, so no comment.


@Drums1875 Mate,

I reckon we are both around the same age, and have both learnt (late in life) ‘wimmin is alwis reet’


I’ve got a golden ticket, or Irish passport as it’s more commonly known.

Cheat day today but didn’t go too mental. Exercise tomorrow night in my fit for life group so took it easy today. Also went out for lunch and overdid it on the bread, but it’s cheat day and the bread was excellent.

B: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, nutty cocoa bircher.
L: Vegetable stew, halloumi, bread, rice.
D: Double veggie burger with cheese, sweet potato fries, onion rings.
S: Chocolate biscuit, banana.
E: Rest day.
W: Over 4 litres.

Back to the grind tomorrow, looking forward to it!


So if I eat your diet can I get me mammies passport too?

Looking for any euro passport going forward., Yes? No?


Not sure my diet has anything to do with where I was born, but you could try. :joy:

Stock up on potatoes and white pudding.


Well this week has been a bit over indulgent. Christmas baking started coming out and I love butter tarts :flushed:
Gonna try and hunker down till Christmas eve when I head to my parents place.


Was up early for breakfast which was strawberries and blueberries with a spoonful of full fat Greek yogurt.
Lunch was a ham salad.
Tea was a rush due to crimbo getting in the way so ended up in the chippy. Poor choice but busy getting ready for the big day.
Weigh in tomorrow but I think I might be up from when I started the month. I feel it. No exercise this week plus last weekend’s shenanigans I’m not holding my breath.
Good luck everyone for tomorrow.

@Unimatrix0 I’m doing a runner. She’s off her head. The lights have gone up, come down, gone back up. She’s sitting there now looking at changing it again. She’s going to finish the rest off now. I’m off delivering cards. I may be some time.


So tell us this how did it end up. We know you were wrong anyway. As we all are.


Folks it’s happening. The reason for the challenge all those months ago. My trip to Paris so I’m not as big, fat,massive. I don’t know massive.
Now here I am 30lb lighter but still a fat ■■■■ but getting lighter. I can see the difference my wife sees it, my ma sees it albeit from a photo but I wouldn’t be here without you lot. Manvfat and also some honesty from people here that don’t even know me has got me a long way.
So where am I. For some reason I don’t see myself as fat as simply in transformation. This me not the outside world. Im at my lowest for years and it’s down to me and you.
So you know what new year let’s do this thing ■■■■ it. @Zero4 let’s do this


Not sure why I went a bit over the top, but I did, it’s done and I’m moving on.

B: 2 veggie sausages, 2 hash browns, scrambled eggs, fried egg, beans.
L: Soup, risotto, broccoli and carrots.
D: Cheese ploughmans sub roll, Hula Hoops.
S: 2 x banana, Halo Top ice cream.
E: 35 minutes pyramid training.
W: Over 5 litres including 3 non-alcoholic beers.

Will be sore in the morning but I’m working from home so might try and squeeze the gym in in the morning.

Not sure the weigh in will be flattering either after the last two days of being a pig as well as Sunday and Monday!

Proud of you, @Greenballs, very well done, mate. Reap your rewards!


morning lads.
Last day for me but you can continue this on til new year if you wish.

Weighed in this morning for group at 277.4. Loss of 4lb for the month but as we know took me over the line for 30by Xmas. Total loss of 32lb so I’m very happy. Unknown territory for me as I can’t remember recording weight that didn’t have a 3 in front of it. Below 20st for the first time in years without need for shake diets. Different place than years ago.

Heading away tonight which was the point of my challenge. 30byxmas for my trip to Paris. Challenge accepted and completed.

Now onto pancake day :+1:t2:


Hey @Greenballs, well done mate. I know you’ve had issues along the way (ain’t we all), but you have stuck with it and won out. Go 'kin YOU mate.

If I take today’s weigh in I am back below 30 lbs again (just) - but have two more “do’s” before tomorrow morning so may miss out again . Bah humbug :unamused:


Pancakes… YUM. LOL


@Unimatrix0 …you can’t £uckin’ have one til you’ve lost the 20 lbs…we start 1 January …if @Greenballs can kindly set it up before he sets off for gay Paris? (to include about anticipating derision in title again).

Part reason we went for Pancake Day is because:

  1. It’s a Tuesday, and so an exact number of weeks from 1st Jan.

  2. It being 9 weeks and so providing a ‘doable’ healthily realistic but challenging target.

  3. It’s a lesser number of weeks than had we made it an Easter challenge and concentration must therefore be maintained, almost without fault.

  4. There’s a further six weeks after to enable a third target challenge.

  5. Last, but by no means least, @Greenballs is a to$$er😀

Incidentally @Greenballs …very well done on hitting 30lbs+, good on you.


Last time i made a little brexit joke on here it got deleted n classd as offensive eeee am stayin well out of it lol


Lol at apparently


Today I weighed in 3 in up from last week. Really disappointed with myself as I saw the finish line a couple of weeks ago and blew it.

Well done to everyone involved in this group. It’s been one of the best, yet I let myself down. I’m taking a rest now from these groups and going to start up January 1st. Good luck everyone and wish you and your family a great Christmas and a happy New year.

Peace and love