30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 19


@Biffa94 I find if I tell myself I can’t have something the demon on my shoulder shouts all the louder that I want it. We all go off the rails sometimes especially at this time of year. I reckon go for it, and don’t feel guilty - there’ll be plenty of others eating weigh (ho, ho, ho) more calories in nibbles, crisps, nuts, puddings, pies - but enough of my shopping list :joy:


Mite do. Afew ppl has telt me its ok, am not gonna get wrong…haha my 1 n only guilt free takeaway. So i mite.
Am actually right lookin forward 2 xmas probs 4 the 1st time in many many years…chilled morning, do my walk along the coast, little phonecall 2 my mate who also not doin much…then back 4 a takeway n watch the entire series on ‘sunderland til i die’ on netflix. It sounds ACE tbh


Hey @Biffa94 m8. That sounds gr8 that u’r gonna enjoy it. Me 2 I reckon - got me sprouts on already :grinning:

Good on ya. Do you have an app to record what u do on the day - not that i’m doubting you… but I don’t wanna be out in the cold/wet/snow/whatever while u’r sat home eating chocs :scream:


Well i downloaded this strava app cos i was after sumthing 2 count steps but then i panicked cos i thought it was gona charge me monthly, still not sure if it will, tried 2 delete it. Cudnt find a free 1 so am just gona go off google maps for how far i done, is that ok?. Do u kno any app what doesnt start a monthly sub or whateva?

Wont b sat in during the day…tried that before. It just lead 2 gettin down, havin a meltdown, binge eating or WORSE!!


M8, know what u mean about sitting in and feeling sorry 4 yourself and binging. This year we can both do better for ourselves :sunny:

I use something called ‘cardio trainer’ - downloaded ages ago, so may be no longer available, but I reckon is pretty accurate, and FREE (ads to upgrade to pro, but ignore). For me, I walk about 1 metre per step, and metric seems integratated - steps/ metres / kcals - see previous posts. No worries if u can’t post in detail - I just find I get a buzz from logging how far, many calories etc I have done - just a thought it might help motivate you going forward :grinning:


Not heard of strava. There are plenty of freebies out there so don’t pay unless u wanna.


For real. Am not doin no self pity this year, i hav a roof over my head n food in the cupboards, some good mates so got lots 2b positive about.

Aye ill giv it a look! I probs just clock my miles this times. Yeah i dont wanna pay when theres decent free ones. I reckon that strava ones more for full on athletes or ppl who trainin hard n that, not 4 ppl like me ie. a fat bloke just tryna do some walks n the odd jog


Hey everyone. I’m still here. Managed to keep the weight neutral for the final weigh in for me.
Stayed at 236. So a total of 25lbs lost. I didn’t reach 30 but I did more then I thought I could at the beginning of this year.


Nice 1 mate!


Go you m8, seriously - this is a time when ppl do self pity - I know I have in the past, but as you say, not this year. Its down to you (and me), no one else is gonna do it 4 us.


Evening, gets. Avoided the pie and the chocolate at the game today, so happy with that. Less happy with the result but that’s Everton.

B: 3 boiled eggs, 2 white toast.
L: 1/2 veg pizza, salad, cheese coleslaw, potato salad.
D: 1/2 veg pizza, cheese coleslaw, potato salad.
S: Popchips, 2 mini mince pies.
E: N/A
W: Over 3 litres.

Hope you’ve all had a good day, gents.


Well done 25 is a great achievement. If not for this group and the 19 weeks we may not have got to where we are. Onto pancake challenge.


Saw it and thought you may be there today. Easy to go after watching and experiencing something like that. A long time ago it would have been the excuse. E


100%, would’ve got a pie from the shop or two, 10 cans, a big bag of crisps and some chocolate most likely.

Then had dinner. :joy:


M8 well done u. 25 lbs is mega. So well done mate. Enjoy Christmas, then let’s start again. New year - new u. Ho hum. :wink:


@atb88 you are my hero m8 - I aspire to be as big a loser :smile: you have done 'kin amazing. So, so well done, you should be proper proud of what you have achieved.


Thanks, mate. Definitely proud of myself for making the changes before it was too late.

2019 is going to be huge for me. I’m at a stage now where I could easily regress and I have done plenty of times before. Not this time though, not with you guys, my team at football, my friends and family all behind me.

We’ve got this! :muscle:t2:


2019 is hopefully going to be anything BUT huge for you @atb88 …2019 is going to be much smaller!

Don’t think big. Think small!


I meant my old man is going to appear bigger. :joy:


You wish!

FYI, I never pee in public because I always end up being asked for my autograph! :grinning::grinning: