30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 19


Tweezer guy?


Cheeky little 7,000 metre (4.35 mile) Concept 2 rowing effort this morning whilst in fasted state. Add five mile dog walk alongside the canal.

Fast broken after 18 hours with chunk Gouda cheese, then the walk. Then home for half a duck breast plus two florets broccoli and some haricot verte beans. Bottle vino…not a bad day for start of festive ‘binge’. …not for me, because - and note this well chaps, Intermittent Fasting has definitely put me back in touch with learning to stop when you’re full.


12.8 miles walk earlier - 20588 steps and just shy of 1500 calories, so no skimping on dinner for me.


Havre a wonderful day, mate. Looking forward to hearing how @Biffa94 got on.

Done nothing but eat, dinner’s almost ready and the alcohol free beers are flowing nicely!

Have a top Christmas, everyone!


Nice! Wot u havin xmas dinner veggie stylee?
Aye i done a canny walk, didnt get 2 the light house like planned cos i was worryin i wont get back n u dinnit wanna b stranded on xmas day like! Was out over 3 hrs tho, reckon i done at least 4 miles each way. It was nice tbh, am lucky 2 live by the coast. Seen some couples/familys on wee walks themselfs n when they passed they said Hello Merry Christmas. It was nice, i appreciate that, ppl dont usually say stuff like that but xmas gets ppl more friendly
Havin a bit rest n a bath them am watchin the entire series of Sunderland til I die on netflix n hav me takeaway, am BUZZIN!!


Sounds brilliant, mate, hope you enjoy the takeaway. Hope the documentary isn’t as disappointing as your team itself. :joy:

Veggie Christmas dinner:

Gotta be honest, I missed the turkey, ham, stuffing (made with sausagemeat) and the pigs in blankets but this was really decent.


Looks nice! Is there owt instead or is it just the other bits? Am just plannin me kebab

Haha aye u wud think theres not much fun watchin a doc about our worst season ever but every1 is sayin its a mint program 4 any football fan especially safc fans


I had a Parsnip and Mulled Red Wine Bake from M&S instead of the meat and the stuffing was made with the same recipe (sage and onion gently fried in butter mixed into mashed potato) just without the sausagemeat. Gonna try adding breadcrumbs next year to thicken it a bit.

I enjoyed it but it wasn’t quite the same, still really nice though and a good effort for my first attempt.

What’s going in your kebab? Chilli and garlic sauce I hope?


Glad u enjoyed it even if it cud of been better

Oh aye. Chilli AND garlic. Chicken AND donner. Cheesy chips just 2 complete the makem stereotype lol. On me 1st tinny :+1:


Enjoy, mate, you deserve it!


Defo will!! U an all pal


Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you had a great day.


Happy Hodays to all and if not celebrating anything, hope you still had a good day.

Looking forward to getting back on the wagon. Christmas beat me this year. There were some mental things that got in the way. Been unable to walk the past few days to a muscle strain/tear in my right calf with doctor’s order not to get up except to use the bathroom, so that is a bummer, but am ready to start eating better. We brought nothing home. I have about 8 candies and that is that.

I am in for a 20 by ?

Here’s to better days ahead.


20 by Pancake Day…January 1 is kick-off. It’s a Tuesday to Tuesday.

@Greenballs is going to set it up hopefully with a general page to which I might add like we did initially setting up 30 lbs…but Mr Greenbollix needs to add the ‘might well be subject to derision’…

THEN Greenbollix will set up Week 1.


Yesterday turned out OK in the end - this morning I had actually lost .4 of a lb. This despite having a two egg omelette for breakfast, a huge roast dinner - Gammon joint (not the whole joint obvs, but close on half - not saying from which side), roast tatties, sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms and gravy. Then half a punnet of gorgeous black grapes (tasted so like Shiraz in every little taste-bomb), and 0fat Greek yogurt ('cos it needed using :smile: .

I guess the ‘booze-free’ day, and the nearly 1500 cal walk helped, as I ended up with a deficit of more than 1500 cals (1750 being .5 of a lb).

So lessons learned ;

  1. booze f*cks you over - OK, not a new lesson :rofl:
  2. you can *‘trough like a pig’ and still lose weight - becoming aware.
  3. you can survive christmas without a drink. Who knew ??
  • troughing like a pig is actually a very good thing. As well as being fastidiously clean (which many people do not know), pigs are happy munching away on healthy veggies to satiate their hunger… They probably don’t eat gammon either :smile:

OK, point 3 is stretching it - I made a point yesterday by not drinking, but still have around 1600 calories of booze to use. Use it or lose it, so I guess tomorrow will be a slight gain :cry:

@Biffa94 mate I hope you had a good day too, and enjoyed your treat.

@Orion1 - welcome back m8 - we r all in it together.


@Zero4 Greenbollix?? You mean like the Grinch?? OMG @Greenballs is … the Grinch who stole Christmas??

“OH YES HE IS” :rofl:


@Drums1875 u and yours 2 m8.


Only a 6 mile walk yesterday.


Ok so green bollix has sorted the thread… let’s get it out there with some exposure. We will get the interest if any over the break and start week 1 from Tuesday


It was 1 of the best christmas iv had tbh