30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 7

Awesome! Glad to see you sticking with it.
I second what someone else said, that you do your weigh in the morning before you go out on weekends. The beer likely effects water weight results.

Didn’t manage to get on the Boditrax machine today, it have another PT on Friday so will jump on it then and post results. :flushed:

Decent day. Yoghurt for breakfast, salad for lunch and Spaghetti Bol for tea. Also got plenty of walking in and also a 5K run.

I weigh in on Friday so need a couple of decent days

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Good to have you back, brother. Let’s get it done!

Excellent day yesterday if I do say so myself.

Weighed in a glorious 14.3lbs down in my first week of MvF football and played my first game. We got beat 4 - 0 but I absolutely loved it. Got a great team of lads and really looking forward to the next 3 months.

Breakfast was standard - 2 boiled eggs and spinach followed by a granola topped yoghurt from a chain of restaurants whose name sounds similar to Get A Dànger. :unamused:

Lunch was a Lebanese lentil soup as I was weighing in, so the less heavy food, the better.

Weighed in and then had a banana and two Trek bars full of protein and carbs to get my energy levels up quickly for the game.

Almost hit 17k steps for the day, had just hit 10k before the game. Really pleased with week 1, the accountability for me is something I’ve needed for a long time and I’m excited to see how much I can shift before Christmas when this group ends!

Doing everything I can to put off getting out of bed though as I know it’s going to hurt. Have a sensational day, gents!

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@Greenballs @Zero4

It doesn’t even fill you half the time you always look for something else after. Waste of money and calories. I’m happy enough supping a coffee while the young one eats. May even push it to a muffin one of the days

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it’s all artifical mcd’s.

League table updated after @atb88’s latest weigh in

Zero is missing.

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What’s nice is at least in Canada, they’re required to post the calorie content of each menu option, so it really helps with making good choices (or for some, just making them feel guilty :smile: )
The wrap I get is 310 calories when you have it with the grilled chicken breast (which is actually a boneless skinless chicken breast unless they’ve changed something since I worked there). It’s about the healthiest main option you can get at the joint.
and yes @Greenballs you are correct that maybe I could do something after, but it’s a free meal, and when making the correct choices, is both filling and not too bad on the calorie checkbook.
Also, the egg breakfast sandwich, if had with bacon, is (except for the cheese) all very real, so that is another option I could go for.

so I just wanted to post that I was successful vs the donuts yesterday. Stared at me in the face all meeting and I didn’t even hear their wee voices calling me to brutally slaughter them between my chompers.
In fact, seems that because our meeting started right at noon, eating that lunch SLOWLY that yes, had the naan bread in it, curbed any desire to eat a donut.

I wasn’t getting at you I even forgot you had a burger. I know when I have McDonald’s and not long ago I had a big tasty. Double it up as a meal and I still craved more. I think a meal like that is 12-1400 calories which I’ve hardly eaten in a while. The breakfast stuff is tasty and it’s about incorporating into your daily intake. Sure in Dubai or the Middle East even its chicken sausage. Which puts you off it? But I’ve still eaten them and doubled the sausage. That’s where I was at one stage. A breakfast sandwich is about 500 cals with the cheese. Easy to put that into your day and still be under.

Well done on the donut war🤐. One would have led to you know what.

I was even thinking on having burgers tonight til I saw they are 200 calories each. With out the bap. And just with peppers and onions. Decided against as I want to remain below a certain amount of calories.
May make a bolognese instead and have it over two nights

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yeah, sometimes it makes me laugh (cry) when I look at a menu and everything is 1500-2500 calories, then at the bottom in fine print it says “the average human male/female needs a daily calorie total of approximately 2000 calories per day” And we wonder why we have an obesity problem everywhere?
oh and the boring garden/chef/house/sideliner/(whatever stupid title the resteraunt chooses) is always about 350 calories. What am I supposed to do, order a double helping of salad? probably with a whole ONE tomato in it??

Yeah and the main reason I’ve stopped all fast food into the house is exactly that. Too many calories and always at the end of the day. It’s more laziness but we got better at home with meals. Helps we are both on it as well so no need for it.
We are taking out young one out next week to chuck e cheese for her birthday never been in one but will I go a burger. I prob will. I’ll just include it calories. I just can’t bring myself to order a salad in those type of places. I tried to deviate to a pasta dish in tgi Fridays one time and was possibly the worst pasta dish ever cooked. It’s a treat and will be treated as such. But that’s a way a way yet.


YES! @rkr786


only until it gets corrected and I’m back in the relegation zone!

Keep up the good work - letting me dream over lunch is awesome :+1:

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Ah, so now naan bread gets to be the HERO of the hour! …who’d have seen that coming!

…so you came home naan the worse for wear!..


I can put a 0 in.

Due to how I ‘sort’ the data descending - ascending, it gets a bit fiddly. Hence why I excluded @TommyD till he gets back in with the weight lost/records a weigh in! I`ll add a ‘0’ in :slight_smile: