4 Month Weight Loss Results - Should I stop now?


Hi everyone. I am 34 years old and last year I was completely out of shape and weighed over 210 pounds. So I went on a nutritional diet, went jogging, and lifted heavy weights in my back garden. Now 4 months have gone by and I now weigh 168 pounds. Not sure how much fat I have lost as I believe muscle growth weighs more than body fat which makes it difficult to know how much I have lost when I look at the scales. Anyhow. Should I continue to lose more fat, or concentrate more on body building?

Here I am at the start of my 4 month diet / workout.

Here I am 4 months later.



I’m really happy with the result. Should I continue to lose more fat, or focus on body building? Cheers for any advice.


It’s a question for you alone to answer, mate. You’ve done really well so I applaud you.

Figure out what it is that’d make you happy and aim for that. All the best!


this 100%

Well done on a fantastic job…

Are comfortable where you are?

If so you may want to try to add some lean mass (muscle) just keep in mind that fat almost also comes along with muscle gain, it’s a trade off.

If you want to keep getting leaner & reveal a shredded 6 pack, continue to do that

Completely up to how you feel mate :slight_smile:


Hi Aaron,

Long time reader, first time poster - I am also 34 years old, and coming up to 210lb, and would love to be
in the 160lb range within 4 months! so mahoosive 'grats on the weight loss :slight_smile:

Can I ask what your nutritional diet was? as we all know all know we cud jog and lift weights for hours on end, but the real weight loss must start from what we are putting into our bodies.

To that end, can you give me a breakdwn of your nutritional diet?


Any diet by definition is based on the foundation of create an energy/calories deficit (taking few calories in vs what go out via movement)

The best thing you can do mate is to figure out what works best for YOU, what puts in in a caloric deficit & is something you enjoy & can adhere to

Following someone else diet because they’ve found what works them them as an indivisual & fits with their own lifestyle could end up in disaster if it’s not enjoyable to you or fits with your lifestyle

Someone may like counting calories, others may dread it & it could drive them nuts mentally

Others may like to take more of a habit based approach, others may need more structure with specific timelines & goals (calories tracking might be better for them)

other people may enjoy having a very high protein diet (for satiation purposed whilst dieting) others may not enjoy eating that much protein or the cost may not fit their lifestyle

It’s all about finding the best approach for you as an individual to adhere to that all important energy deficit & not hate what you’re doing (we typically won’t stick to something we don’t like or struggle with)



cheers Maxnas.

jus want 2019 to be one whr i lose instead of gaining weight - due to
my own inability to control my bad habits.

will post bk in a mth to c whr im @

thanks for your posts - v.informative


You should get yourself on a group. Plenty of ideas from people on different stages of their journey.



Thanks for the tip, will do so soon.


Change your profile picture as well. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:



yep atb88, in the red corner i stand !



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Your year this year, lad. :joy:

In all seriousness, best of luck with your weight loss, loads of us on here happy to help out. As @bollocks says, get yourself in an IA group. Done really well in them as have loads of others.

All the best and COYB!


Bollocks :joy:


Chears atb…at a group here i come…

gd luck wit the weight loss too :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for the kind responses. To answer ‘onemorechance’ it was tough and go at first. I used to get a craving for chocolate, but I just had to look at my ‘before photos’ and it turned me right off the idea of eating junk food again. It certainly motivated me to resist the urge to buy those special deals when shopping. The hardest thing I guess was when I first started my workout because my kitchen cupboards were filled with junk food and I did not want it to go to waste, so I binged on everything and probably started my workout much worse off because of it. My unhealthy diet was also seriously affecting my health as I had pains in my heart and trouble sleeping and when I ran a short distance I could taste blood. So I changed my diet entirely to a proper nutritional one. When I first started I would get an urge for chocolate so much that I decided to put a chocolate bar on the table next to my bed as a reminder, so when I woke up I would see it and start my day by resisting it, and when I went to bed and saw the candy bar was still there and unopened I would feel happy with myself that I resisted the temptation to eat it. That same candy bar sat on the table for months as a reminder of what I was fighting against and then I threw it in the trash. Farewell craving. I did the same with a beer bottle in the fridge.

Here is my current daily workout plan and food plan. I spend one day on cardio and the next day on weights, and repeat the cycle for the entire week, so that every day is busy. On Cardio days I do fast physical exercises in the morning like jogging for a few minutes and then running really fast for 20 seconds and then jogging for a few minutes and then running again really fast for 20 seconds etc (1 hour session often early in the morning or later and always before meals) and I also do crunches on cardio days and walk the dog on the beach.

I eat nothing in the mornings on Cardio days and try to delay my first meal until 2pm or later. Although sometimes if I need a little boost I start the day with 2 eggs or 2 weetabix or just a Rivita cracker here and there. I drink as much water as I can, and eat as little as possible on Cardio days. Just protein shakes after jogging, and during the day eggs, weetabix, lettuce, maybe wheaten bread, a banana, or an apple, or an orange, also milk, some chicken, sweet potatoes, and especially an avocado. The avocado really helped me a great deal. Don’t know what’s in it, but it truly was and still is a great assistance in losing belly fat. On Cardio days I also do sit-ups / crunches, planks, and I do those exercises in the afternoon or evening in the garden when I listen to the radio, or in my room when watching TV (depending on the weather) and then I take some more protein shake. Also drink plenty of water.

When Cardio day is complete I then start my Weights day the next day. I never take a full complete rest day. I try to keep up with my exercises every day and eat as much as I can on Weights day. Exactly the same foods as Cardio days (eggs, lettuce etc) except I eat much more chicken, or when I can afford it turkey, fish, or beef steaks. Sometimes I will have rice, beans, peas, carrots, and some more sweet potatoes (depends on what is in the cupboard if my budget can afford it), and also plenty of protein shake after a hard workout and lots of water before, during, and after. I use dumbbells while standing, sitting, and on the bench. I also do around 100, 200, or 300 push-ups. Sometimes 400 push-ups. I used to do them the easy way, and when I learned the correct way to do proper push-ups and activate my chest muscles properly I saw great results in my upper chest in those 4 months. I also use dipping bars and I also do a few pull ups. I do most of my working out in the back garden which is a blessing thanks to the cool breeze which helps me battle on.

I have a little saying that I repeat to myself - “Do what you can, and then do a bit more.” Progress is made in that ‘bit more’ that we do. That’s when muscles fight on and they repair and get bigger and better with the aid of protein and rest. I then return to my Cardio the next day and give my upper muscles time to heal so that I can work them again the day after cardio. I think I should continue with my current program until my abs are more defined as my belly fat decreases, and then I will purchase heavier weights and focus more on lifting and eating more. The only dessert I treat myself with is 2 imperial mints which I take just before or after I eat an avocado (gives it some taste).

I am quite impressed with the results I have achieved in such a short time. I actually think it was closer to 3 months and not 4 because I could not exercise one week because of the weather, and I injured my toe at work which stopped me from jogging for another week and when I purchased weights I had to make-do with light weights for 2 weeks until the heavier ones arrived, and when I first used the heavier ones I tore a muscle which prevented me from using the weights for a week, so my proper workout program was much closer to 3 months than 4. I’m happy with the results and I hope you achieve your goals too. I actually feel much happier when I’m jogging and working out. It certainly has given my health and my confidence a wonderful boost and I’m really looking forward to this summer. :grinning: