4 weeks to achieve - all to play for



All to play for in the weight loss top goalscorer league with Steven Leonard leading the charts

A big well done to Chris Parkes of Bayern munchies achieving his 5% tonight in his first season with us :clap:

In 4 weeks time we have an 11aside friendly match away to the Kidderminster league in what promises to be a good game, i’m looking forward to taking to the field with you. As an incentive the criteria to be eligible for the match is to achieve your 5% by end of the season. Well done all who have achieved so far, keep up the great work and gives you some motivation to keep it going.

Weight loss team of the week for this week in reverse order
1/Samuel burns and Ben farnsworth 1kg weight losses :clap:
2/Steven Leonard 1kg weight loss :clap:
3/Matthew Maries 1.5kg weight loss :clap:
4/ade wall Hayes 1.6kg weight loss :clap:
5/suki Singh 2kg weight loss :clap:
6/Chris Parkes 2kg weight loss :clap:

Shout outs from team captains and vice captains tonight:

Real Madras mention to Paul rainbow for a great goal and Piotr Koryl for his pitch performance
Porky blinders to ade wall Hayes been missed, great to have him back in league, never stops running and consistent on the scales and popped up with a goal.
They think it’s moldova Matt Maries. He’s not been with us long but he’s consistently losing weight and got his 1st hatrick tonight and great part of team.
Ivory toast short on numbers tonight but lee Clarke always talking in the game keeping the team in shape and Steve Morgan always good on scales showing the way for team.
Cereal killers Abs Fadhel welcome addition back in league and back with a loss on the scales.
Flabletico shout out to captain Steven Leonard leading by example with the weight loss and a pitch hattrick

Team of the season at week 10 in reverse order
1/Chris Brookes 5.8kg weight loss
2/Chris Parkes 6.4kg weight loss
3/Neil Hodgetts 8kg weight loss
4/Steven Leonard 8.2kg weight loss
5/Samuel burns 9.2kg weight loss
6/Sean Derrington 11kg weight loss

The amazing loser award is reaching the climax with 4 weeks remaining.

3 players all on 7+% well done to Samuel burns, Steven Leonard and Sean Derrington.

Weight loss summary
162kg at week 10
Average of 16.2 kg per week
Average of 2.5kg per player