5 % first one of new season



Well done to Ben Allen of kebaberdeen a new player to the league this season and smashing the weight loss achieving his 5% this week which helped his team overturn a pitch defeat to make a victory overall by one goal. The 3 goals for 5% proving the difference.

For this week I asked you all to think of your goal for the season ahead as having something to aim towards helps you achieve, maybe it’s a holiday or a baby arrival or a wedding of yourself or a family or friend you want to get ready for.

This weeks thought is can you get in atleast 3 lots of exercise into your week this week? If one on your own set yourself a target to beat like a time or a distance.

Keep working hard your achieving some great results, some of you may have weeks when you have a good loss and then next week you stay the same or have a slight gain but doing exactly the same, this happens at times but next week you should see the benefit aslong as you stick to your plan.
Increase water intake as helps with weight loss and hydrates body.

Welcome back to the league after a break to Darren hooper, Peter cox and welcome to the league to amarjeet mudhar.

A big thanks to kevan ward of largentina who found a future player walking around the venue coming for a view before he signs up, first impressions count and that friendly face and welcoming approach can only be a good thing.

Weight loss for season after week 2 is 115kg

Weight loss by team :
Bayern munchies 22kg weight loss
Bmi ballers 17kg weight loss
Kebaberdeen 30.6kg weight loss
Largentina 7.1kg weight loss
Salad dodgers 24.7kg weight loss
The leftovers 13.4kg weight loss

After 2 weeks The leftovers and kebaberdeen the two teams who battled for last seasons cup are leading the way in the league with 100% records.
Bayern munchen and salad dodgers not far behind.

Bmi ballers and largentina building squads up and getting used to working together as a team but showing good signs for weeks ahead and into the cup competition.

Captain and vice captain shout outs for each team:

Bayern munchen man of the match Stu Bromley 3kg loss on scales was awesome and Steve white didn’t stop running

Rob Baker of the leftovers, he was on fire on the pitch tonight scoring multiple goals, together with another weight loss

Kebaberdeen mom - Alex on the pitch and scoring twice, and Ben for excellent weightloss 2 weeks running

Massive welcome back to Pete cox reunited with the salad dodgers.

Another great team performance for salad dodgers can’t pick a stand out player on the pitch everyone lost weight too

Gregg dyas or largentina a loss on scales and brought some players into team to help team moving forward

Bmi ballers a great weight loss for Simon Morley

With pancake day looming tomorrow

Here is an idea to keep the diets on track while still having pancakes. (Only 240 calories)

All you need is,
1 ripe banana
2 eggs
One cal spray (to fry)

Blend the ripe banana and eggs until smooth then heat a frying pan and spray with one cal. Add small amount out the “batter” to the pan and cook on both sides until golden brown.
could be a daily alternative for breakfast not just for pancake day.

Could blend in spoonful of peanut butter if required

Weight loss team of the week for week 2:
1/Simon Morley 3kg weight loss
2/Stuart Bromley 3kg weight loss
3/Adam Nicholls 3.2kg weight loss
4/Carl lewis 3.5kg weight loss
5/Ben Allen 4kg weight loss
6/Dave chall 4.5 kg weight loss

A big well done all

Weight loss team of the season at week 2

1/David Cartwright 4.2kg weight loss
2/Shane abbey 4.4kg weight loss
3/Stephen white 5.4kg weight loss
4/Stuart Bromley 5.5kg weight loss
5/Carl lewis 7.5kg weight loss
6/Ben Allen 8kg weight loss


Wow !!! A 5% already that’s superb to read, some great games again tonight a game won and decided by weight loss how good :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:
Onto next week :soccer::soccer: Good luck all


115kg after 2 weeks is massive. Well done all.