5% landing in Oldbury this week



Weight loss pairs draw for round 3 well done to the pairs who progressed

Dodge and Tony v kp and luke
ash Dave Mark v suky and Marcus
Dan and mike v Jamie and Chris

Well done to Neil Hodgetts, Paul Hill and Steven Davies all achieving there 5% loss this week.

Weight loss approaching 140kg after week 4.

Remember no game next week as venue closed good Friday. Keep the chat going on WhatsApp group as that’s where it helps over a double bank holiday weekend

Weight loss by team
Bayern munchies 14kg for season 1.2kg this week
Flabletico 8.1kg for season -0.2kg for week
Ivory toast 24.4kg for season 0.8kg for week
Porky blinders 44.7kg for season and 3.2kg for the week
Real Madras 25.6kg for season and 1.8kg for week
Snackrington Stanley 20.3 kg for season and 1kg for week

Weight loss team of week
1/various 1kg losses
2/Steven Davies 1.2kg loss
3/gav Bennett 1.5kg loss
4/Tony green 1.6kg loss
5/Jaydon Hadley 2kg loss
6/Haydn Edwards 3kg loss

Weight loss team of season
1/Adrian wall Hayes 5kg loss
2/suky Singh 5kg loss
3/Ben farnsworth 5.6kg Loss
4/Paul hill 5.8kg loss and 5% this week
5/Steven Davies 6kg loss and 5% this week
6/Neil Hodgetts 7.5kg loss and 5% this week

Some interesting fixtures for after Easter break to help with your focus and motivation

Ivory toast take on porky blinders
Real Madras take on Flabletico
Snackrington take on Bayern munchies

Finishing off with captains shout out for the last week efforts -

Ivory Toast not everyone on team lost but great performance on the pitch and well done to the team we played Bayern munchies no subs held in there and gave us a game well done

Bayern munchies was a team performance this week short on numbers but some good scale results for mark, Jamie and Dave.
Flabletico Paul for 5% and hat trick

Everyone from Snackrington a quality team performance on and off the pitch tonight
Steve Davies man of match for Madras Saves kept us in it and 5% achieved.
Hard work for Madras tonight
Porky blinders Gareth for his great pitch play and Tony for upping his pitch time.