5% lands again another great night in west brom

Back to league action tonight and some great achievements with the below all hitting 5% tonight. 7 players hitting 5% and weight loss up to 209kg
Kristofer parr of BEST
Jeff Dutton of fatzio even on birthday week
Andrew field of fatzio despite being away for weekend
Liam Burbridge of salad dodgers
Jonathon Burbridge of salad dodgers
Bruce dyas of psv
Chris green of psv

Weight loss by team for week 5
Best sandwich Albion 3.8kg loss
Fatzio 12.9kg loss
Man titty -4.7kg
Psv 2.8kg loss
Salad dodgers 3.7kg loss
The leftovers 1.6kg loss

Weight loss team of the week at week 5
1/Chris green 1.8kg loss
2/Ronnie harris 1.8kg loss
3/Stephen white 2kg loss
4/Stu white 2kg loss
5/Robert senior 2.4kg loss
6/Liam Burbridge 2.6kg loss

Weight loss pairs quarter finals which is based on weight loss results tonight and next Monday

Qtr final of pairs cup.
As we are on Friday now we will do combined weight loss for week 5 and 6 so this Monday and following week.
Gareth and Paul (best) vs
Matt and Dan ( Man titty)

Andy and Paul ( fatzio ) v
Sean and dean ( leftovers)

Lee and Jim ( leftovers) v
Carl and Paul ( Man titty )

Tim and Dave f ( salad dodgers)
Malcolm and Marv (Man titty)

Well done the guys who represented us at the football festival last week

Captains shout outs for the week

Man titty Motm tonight is Matt - goalscorer and weight loss!
Stu Bromley motm for salad Dodgers great game in and out of goal and shout out for jon hitting 5%
Lee and jimmy joint for leftovers. Kept encouraging and never gave up

Best MOTM is Toff, another great performance on the pitch and hit his 5% as well!
Fatzio all of the team bought scales results to the table well done all roons scores two great goals aswell fair play to them

Salad dodgers overturned a pitch loss around to win overall based on scoring 10 weight loss goals

A close game between fatzio and psv where both teams pushed each other all the way saw a combined 25 weight loss goals scored in the game

Next week we see fatzio who are topping the table at week 5 up against the champions of last season The leftovers.

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Well done all and fair play to the lads who went to Manchester :+1:t2::+1:t2: