5x5 Strong Lifts



I have seen the 5x5 strong lifts app/work out and it looks great and definitely something i am going to do in the gym. However, due to a number of different reason i have had to leave my old gym (crossfit box) and join a normal gym. This gym has a free weight section, but as im still getting the hang of the place, I am sticking to the machines for the moment. Can anyone suggest the machines that would replace the 5x5 lifts?


Hey mate, if you can get under the bar great, but likewise, doing any form of resistance training is a great move.

Here’s a simple guide:

Bench press – any horizontal pushing movement
row – any horizontal pulling movemen
Squat – any squat type of movement or quad focused movement (including less press)
Over head press – any vertical pushing movement
deadlift – any deadlift or hamstring focused movement (including leg press with legs high feet)

I’m currently working on an entry level ‘beginner strength training program’ that will take ALL of this into consideration (better than SL 5x5)

Will be ready soon, have to run it by @admin before it’s release 


Cheers. Its new gym nerves more than anything. they have a free weight room, but much different to the warehouse and scaffolding i am/was used to in a crossfit box. i want to get the lay of the land for a few weeks before jumping straight into the free weights. hence my machine questions. look forward to seeing your strength program.

Ive joined gyms before and just stuck to the cardio, which ended up failing and me quitting them as cardio bores me and im not built for running, however, i do enjoy lifting


The hardest part of StrongLifts for me was getting through the first two weeks. You will find that ego will get in your way when you have to are doing the lifts with just the bar, and then the bar with just the 1.25kg plates. Even though I knew that no one cared what I was doing, I still felt like a bit of a tit until the bigger weight plates come in (about week 3). It is important to follow the routine properly though, as I have spoken to people that had the same ‘ego’ problem I had and added weight too soon, only to fail, have to deload the weight and effectively delay their progress for a couple of weeks.

If you want to know any specifics give me a shout!