7 weeks to Christmas Eve Challenge... week 1

Starting tuesday 5th Nov, means the final weighin will be on Christmas Eve.

Track however you feel you want to, but make a good push to do this so you can enjoy a relatively guilt-free Christmas. I will be!

Using my evening weight to start with, simply because I am not going to be near the scales in time tomorrow. It’s the end result that counts, either way…

I’ll take my first weigh in on Friday and run with it from there.

Should have little distraction until Xmas. I don’t work so there won’t be any temptation of Xmas parties I would have had in Ireland. Few Guinness over the few weeks I’d say. Let’s do this. Not setting a target yet

Aye, kicking off today. Are we daily exercise tracking as well?

Keep that for group. Just a thread and weigh in thread for this

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Good luck, lads!

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Well getting married in December.
Went to venue for menu testing today.

Can recommend the cajun chicken strips.

Gonna be a balancing act during these 7 weeks…

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Bring it on. I’m in. So we have started now? I need a good kick up the arse. I’ve had a good blowout the weekend just gone and now I’ve got no excuses not to eat well. Hoping to lose a stone in this time. Currently at about 16 stone but will confirm once I’ve stepped on the scales.

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I think ur also in group lemon also.

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Yep I am. Looking forward to getting both underway.

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Hi all,
I would love to join the group as I am desperate to motivate myself to lose weight and stop sugar cravings every evening after diner! My wife try to moderate me but with no success so far!

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Well here you are, you’ve joined…

I’m in weight this morning 107 kilos my target is 100.

On to week 2:

Don’t forget to weighin thread:

Hi all, I was out for few days! Job ……
I started to control my food and tried to have light meals with lot of chicken and veggies. This week end I went in London and enjoyed some Pub food with beers…. On Monday, I was stressed to weigh but I was surprised as I was even 1.3 lbs less! I was wouah! well done you managed it well!! Since Monday I am back with my low calories meal but this morning I was +1.5lbs! I am lost! Did it happened to you already?

Weigh. Once. A. Week.

And above all, be honest with your calorie intake.