7 weeks to Christmas Eve Challenge… week 2

Stayed the same for me, which technically is a gain, as the morning weight should be lighter. That’ll be the wedding food testing.

Onwards & downwards…

300g down for me based on my weigh in on Friday.

Because of rounding it’s 251lbs to 251lbs though.

Marginally up on friday & yesterday morning, I’m blaming last night’s apple crumble…

Down on Friday when we first started. 2 down from 260 ish but up on last months group start.

Downwards :-1:t2:

Not complaining. 1lb down and not properly on it last week, and a weekend on the lash so good result!

Back on it today, going back to the gym in the morning. Bring it on.

About the same; not surprised at what I ate this weekend. Ready for the week ahead.

Doing alright this week so far, aiming for 1700 to 1800 calories a day (achieved so far) plus exercise (2 nights of football so far.)

Haven’t allocated this evening’s meal yet.

Howdy. How’s it going :+1:t2:

Been feeling a bit under the weather today but kept to the plan and went to the gym this morning - back on it with 20 mins on the cross trainer. I was knackered after but glad I’m back on it. Maybe should have rested but didn’t want to make excuses. Once I hit the gym I’m almost always motivated to hit my calorie goal… :smiley:

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Well I sneaked a peek 2 days early to find I am just over 2lbs down… updated my weighin thread post accordingly :slight_smile:

@Greenballs Trying to keep it together. Halfway through the chemo treatments with the weight going up two pounds every three weeks. The doctors frown at that but some meds create hunger and feeling tired leads to no moving. My actual goal today is to walk a mile. This countdown to Christmas is exactly what I need to keep motivated to move. Thanks for asking.

Good to hear. Keep strong buddy. Least on here you can have that extra motivation.

Weighed this morning and I’m 6 down for the challenge. Further loss of 2.9lb. Good active helping considering I’ve had back issues for the last week.

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How we getting on @Darren_Welch? I’m doing ok and weight seems to be going in the right direction. My goal of 240 is a bit off but I’ll give it a good go. Got my lowest adult weight this week and aiming to break into the 240’s by next week

I started last week my diet, as I would like to lose some weight before Christmas and I am already 6lbs less!! I didn’t expect such a loss so I have to say I am very happy! The hardest is yet to come!!


Great effort @Andy2!

Yep am doing fine, am running at an overall loss for the challenge now.

Ah we should have a week 3 thread…