7 weeks to Christmas Eve Challenge… week 3 onwards

Better that than never… at 222.88lbs / 101.1kg today, so all good.

Very quiet, hope some of you at least are doing it on the scales.

In the evening weighin, recorded a 1.6kg loss tonight, not totally unexpected this week…

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Don’t worry. I’m weighing in. 113.6kg this week.

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Gonna just leave this thread ongoing, no point making weekly ones for such a limited response.

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Up and down week. Got to the low weight last week then took the eye off. Now down to a lb gain which will be a victory. Weigh day tomorrow so see how it goes

Hi all, challenging week for me with all holiday treats! I managed to balance and maintain my weight with no extra pounds thanks to some meal replacements lunch week dayside!

113.6kg yet again…

Come on, boys, keep it up! Not long to go. :muscle:t2:

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Whilst hovering around the same this week, it will be battle over the coming weekend…

…because… well… this… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congrats Darren. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Cheers, just over 8lbs heavier than 9 days ago. :open_mouth:

Week off work= less walking. Didn’t play at football last week. Been a week of treats, takeaway, alcohol & wedding food.
Also off this week.

In the scheme of things couldn’t care less,
but looks like 2020 will need some effort after Christmas. :+1:

We’ll get them all on a January challenge if there’s enough. They’ll all want a part of that. Congrats again. Different man to years ago. And no escaping now :joy:

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Before our wedding, her sister got married 6 years ago. That’s me on the right.

Massive congratulations, Darren! That gain is fully deserved and it’s proof you enjoyed yourself and didn’t let your weight loss get in the way of such a momentous occasion.

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Cheers man.

Having said that, 3 days later and we’ve dropped 3.7lbs again, water weight caused by carbs & alcohol no doubt…

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Quiet in here, how you all getting on?

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Well I enjoyed a lovely Chinese takeaway this evening.

‘Tis the season to not give a shit quite as much, fa la la la la, la la la la…’


Hope u all doin well. I wish id joined in the challenge. I hope u all feeling ok about xmas

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Not 2 bad. I never done the challenge but iv been tryin my best cos of starting a fitness course thingy in the new yr n am not wanting ppl thinkin am 2 fat 4 it so i hope av not left it 2 late !!! How u doin pal ?

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