70lb loss

So I have done a half season, full season and at week five of new season and have lost 5 stone or 70lb with the porky blinders in the oldbury league. So proud to be part of this team. We won the league in my first half season, league and cup and weight loss league in first full season and are now top of league and pitch and second in weight loss league in the current season. Last night we played with 5 players with one injured and 10 minutes lent a player and won 2-0 but more importantly won 10-5 with weight loss. True team spirit and there for each other. MANVFAT has really got me in the mindset to hit my target of 10stone weight loss.


Well done on the loss. Great example along with others that this program works.


Immense results that you are rightly proud of.

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congrats fella!

Im in the Norwich league, now about to start season 3 and i am 7 stone lighter since January, Can’t thank the guys @Manvfat enough for creating this program.

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Well done. You have got to be proud of that. Keep up the good work. Just got into my next 22 stones and if we win tomorrow night and next week will win the league.

Congratulations on your weight loss. Make sure you keep it off. For more advice give my website a visit.

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