A message to the new members and lurkers of the weight loss forum!

Would agree with that. Used to love bread and chocolate. Now I very rarely have either - it’s my new learnt behaviour as a direct result of being on this board.

Oh and get used to feeling a little hungry (it feels great!!)

Lost 15lbs in 30 days on first 30 day challenge @Big_Fella



I am exactly the same as you , another big northern lad here!, always said I had a sweet tooth and loved bread and cakes , hardly touch the stuff now and don’t miss it at all.

Started reading the Marissa Peers book , You Can be Thin , and it all makes perfect sense … There is no such thing as a sweet tooth , or that you are starving etc etc . Its all in our heads so the sooner we clear out the crap the easier it is

Lost 14lb since I started on 16/11 so like you it is working

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Simples…time to sign up. I’m putting my name down for the next group! Yes!

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This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.

Are the 30 day groups sill going on? Says I am not allowed to view topic when I click on the link. Cheers.

Hey @Milligut
The groups are still going. Are you able to see this post
Join a free MVFIA 30 Day Weightloss Group

Hi @mikechristopher if just says ‘sorry you don’t have access to that group’.

Are there any minimum post requirements or something? Have read a fair bit and not noticed anything saying so. Cheers.

Very odd. Your permissions seems ok might be one for @admin to take a look at.

In the top right under the hamburger style symbol can you see the MVFIA category. If so you should be able to see the posts within.

Its disappeared from my screen so must be a fault. The link to my team category has also disappeared.

@mikechristopher if you see three horizontal lines as a hamburger then perhaps you need help. Its clearly a licorice allsort.


Arghhh, link to my team has also disappeared! Will try logging out and back in, and will edit this comment with the outcome. :computer:

Logged back out and in , but still no link to group? Technical problem @mikechristopher?

@admin @Jaxom ever come across this before? I can still see the groups and the guys have the groups permission on their accounts so not sure why they cannot see them

I think I have fixed it - can you please let me know if you can see it and can see your group

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@mikechristopher sorted. :grinning: came back to shortcut, I had been logged out, so logged back in and all is well. nice work sir. :computer: :clap:


Abort is back up… :smile:

Weird, must have been a blip in The Matrix. Everybody start looking for the girl in the red dress.


I once logged myself in on my phone. Or rather brought up the forums with out logging in. It took me a few minutes to work out why I couldn’t see the posts I had made in my current MVFIA group.
Glad you worked it out.

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Cheers. All sorted and have posted in the group.

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didn’t even know we were down!!! :smiley:

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Remember this post? Just signed up and not done anything about it ?? Look at you now.


I do!..Still fighting though! Hard.