A skinny guy in a dilema

Im 16 yrs old and ive always been the typical skinny guy, ive been working out trying to ammend that but as you can see from the images i have these disgusting like fat pocket things under my ‘pecs’. i havent taken my top off infront of someone for nearly 3 years. ive tried to lose weight to get rid of them but it didnt work and i got too skinny so i had to stop. maybe gaining more muscle will work but im sceptical. any advice would be helpful

Hi there and welcome. I’ve often said that man V Fat is a very personal battle, one person might want to shift 200lbs, another might want to lose 2lbs.

To my eyes I think most of the blokes on here would gladly swap issues with you, but to you it’s enough to restrict your life, so it’s just as valid a battle.

To be fair I think you might find that there’s very little you can do to spot reduce fat on any part of your body. You’re almost certainly within a healthy BMI so losing weight is not the way forward. Look at building more muscle maybe. In truth I’d also suggest some kind of body image counselling to help you accept and even love yourself a bit more.


Thanks so much for your input, i honestly think your comment may have changed my life. Ive been going to the gym for 3 months straight now and im really noticing it, im 100x more body confident ( finally was confident enough to take my top off lol ) and just the general health benefits are crazy. Im not trying to show off, just saying that small bits of kindness and help can make the biggest difference, thankyou



Well done on the consistency mate, I’d recommend you keep focusing on just getting stronger over time, you’ll find that’ll lead you in the right direction of your overall goals (mentioned in your first post)


What a wonderful update! I’m glad you’re feeling better in yourself :hugs: And @admin is very wise!