A Very Weird Plateau

I am desperate and don’t know where to turn for help. I started my weight loss journey 2 years ago… I started at 265 and today i am happy to say, i am now 173lbs!

However for the past 6 months i have been stuck between 173 and 179. I’ve been in a plateau many times, but this last one seems so different and nonsensical. I am on a strict diet of 1900 to 2100 calories, with an average basal of 2600 calories burned a day. My job can sometimes be EXTREMELY physical and there are times where i can burn about 4000 calories in one day, which i account for and adjust my food intake so. Six months ago i got to 172 and continued my journey thinking i would be 165 in no time, but a couple of weeks after that weigh in, i was 179!!! And i did not deviate from my weight training, hitt training or my diet, but i gave myself the benefit of the doubt and started to modify my diet and exercise. From that day on it has been a constant struggle to stay below 175, with random fluctuating weigh ins that make no sense. I would like to believe its water weight but it seems too high a jump sometimes between 1 day to just be water. Also i have NEVER been able to get back to or go past 172. Is there anyone on here who can help me understand what im doing wrong?

One other thing: it seems sense this has been going on, my digestion has suddenly become very poor. In the last 6 months i have gone from pooping easily to barely pooping at all. I also feel full from the smallest of meals and sometimes from a glass of water.
Before you ask, here’s so more info ony diet, exercise, etc:

-i eat a protein shake and english muffins with peanut butter for breakfast. For lunch i cook a protein (baked), a starch, and a vegetable. This usually ends up being chicken breast, broccoli, rice and sweet potatoes,with the emphasize of the portion on the vegetables. Dinner i eat out but it has to be either vegetarian or chicken that is baked.
-i do full body weight training and a 15 minute hitt session every two days a week. I exercise at this frequency because my job is hughly physically demanding and i dont want to burn myself out at work.
-i am taking blood pressure meds, lisinopril and amdlodipine to be exact. I know at least one of those have mild weight gain side effects but im taking very small doses.
-i consume about 150oz of water a day: NO SODA.

@maxnas may well be your best bet.

Why are you adjusting your food intake? In the same way you wouldn’t for exercise calories, why? What you assume to be burning will be an estimate & if you are eating to balance that out then you risk eating more than you should, thus preventing weight loss.

And there, I suspect, is your answer.

I go based of of my garmin watch with an all day heart monitor, which i know is not accurate but its closer than guessing from nothing. Also I adjust based off the potential margin of error. So for instance if my watch says i burned 4000, ill assume i really burned 3500, so then i adjust my daily intake to 3000 calories that day. I work 15 hour shifts tail ended by hour sessions of lifting heavy boxes and im running around an entire sports stadium the entire 15 hour shift. I find it hard to believe that i wouldn’t collapse from low blood sugar if i stuck to just 2100 calories during those extreme work days.

Take note that these kind of work days are usually only about 2 or 3 times a month, for the majority of the month im eating 2100 calories.

Hey all, spotted alot of insight that’s being overlooked in the first post, will jump on sometime later today/tomorrow & leave some feedback.

I might even make a video for this as it’ll be a good example


Thank you, any help/education will be greatly appreciated!