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what to eat for dinner if you want no carbs? thanks


Roasted Duck & Crushed Fresh Pineapple Chilli Salad
Roast the duck on a grill tray so it doesn’t cook in its juices the best way as duck can be very fatty about 40mins
Fresh pineapple crush in a bowl then drain from its juices DONT THROW AWAY separate from bowl
One spoon full of chilli sauce add to pineapple juice mix until blended together
Add 100g duck to mixed salad crushed pineapple and dress with chilli juices bang satisfying lunch or dinner for 425cal


How do you stop the duck drying out though? Duck is usually deliciously moist because it’s in its own fat…


I didn’t have the problem after shredding the duck and after adding the sauce it was still warm… Chinese aromatic duck is dry


Morning all,

I like the tactical application of low carb diets, and having used them with my international body building athletes and your regular chaps wanting to lose some timber, they have their merits all round. BUT, to what degree should you apply a low carb diet to your health and weight loss goals?

It is my opinion that low carb diets are most effective because of their inherent ability to reduce total calorie intake…A study in the British Journal of Nutrition supports the low carb philosophy for weight loss, but mainly for the relative increase in dietary protein which has a higher thermic effect (spikes metabolism) as well as greater satiating capacity. This helps to reduce total calorie intake and places you into a calorie deficit quicker = weight loss.

Annals of Internal Medicine supports the above suggesting “Restricting carbohydrate may be an option for persons seeking to lose weight and reduce cardiovascular risk factors.”

So carb reduction has its place. Where problems arise is when people blanket this approach, reducing carbs at all times and failing to make up the calorie deficit created through additional protein and fat. This is when metabolic rate slows resulting in lower total energy expenditure (TEE) over time. This is supported by the phrase ‘fat burns in a carbohydrate flame’ meaning long term reduction in carbohydrate can slow metabolic rate…hence the problem with plateauing in weight loss!

If you want to apply a reduced carb approach to eating then do so gradually so as not to extinguish (metaphorically speaking) your metabolism. Try reducing carb content of one main meal first (most people find the evening meal easiest to do this) and give your body time to adjust…you may find that you don’t need to reduce total carbs any further here after.