Aches & pains

Hi guys just wondering if anyone can offer any advice. Been playing now for approximately 6 weeks.
Doing well with my weight loss, enjoy the footie met lots of nice people.

My problem is it takes me a week to recover maybe longer, I’m really struggling with groin strains at the moment.

Is it worth carrying on playing the footie, knowing full well it’s going to take ages to recover. I played football previously at a good standard, granted not played for at least 10 years. So I know I’m bound to ache. But my groin injury is a worry for me. Seen the physiotherapy twice

Thanks for taking the time to read this

What advice has the physio gave? Thats what I’d start with

Maybe see if specific stretches can help with the strain if its consistently the same region (but don’t neglect the rest of your warm up)

Have you tried compression shorts or tights when playing?

I’m no expert but I personally know if I don’t warm up properly nowadays I’m in trouble the next few days

Just on warming up. I played football last year for a good while. Got good stretching in before game. Had a break of 3 months. Played again didn’t stretch anywhere near what I should and my knee dislocated on me. Haven’t kicked a ball since October.

Are you enjoying it? If so then carry on. To me exercise is all about doing something you enjoy.

You probably need some expert advice on the aches and pains but it sounds like something that can be overcome with warm up, warm down and some simple stretching/strength exercises during the week. i.e. It doesn’t sound like a permanent injury.

I’ve had a couple of pains from my cycling but been amazed how finding the right exercise and doing it for a while has eliminated the pain.

You don’t indicate how old you are but at approaching 52 I can now see that aches and pains come on more easily with age. I can see that doing exercises to prevent or cure pains is something I’ll need to do more of in future, regardless of whether they are exercise related or not.

I get pains and feel like it can take me a week to receover too. I warm up (maybe not the best warm up) before I play.

If we can classify playing football as normal, vigorous excercise, then some people will tell you the pains suggest you have had a good workout. It’s fatty/bad acids which are being used/burnt and causing pain. Something like that

I have a niggle on my ankle most of the time.
But having done my ligament so many times to the point they threatened to pin it (the last time was over 10 years ago so not bothered)…

I am 43, warm up before games with stretching, jogging, sprints & twists… nope I am normally ok after a day.

@pbarky74 Arrive at football 15 mins earlier and implement at least a pulse raising warm up. Carry on to perform some dynamic stretches. I struggle with this also. I play 5 a side football and its easy to rock up, chat and casually kick a ball around. All of a sudden, you are starting and sprinting whilst still ‘cold’. I know that sometimes, you don’t want to look like a ‘try hard’ as well, with doing an extensive warm up. Often though, it CAN prevent injury and also lead to a better performance. :smile:

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Hi guys thanks for all your advice, I must admit my stretching routine isn’t the best. So will definitely improve on that aspect

I’ve started wearing compression shorts, I used to wear them in my younger days. They helped a lot.

My physio said there is no long term damage. My groin injury coincides with a work related injury, I slipped of a step and streched my groin further.

By the way 44 and 133kgs cheers guys appreciate your advice

Pleased to be of assistance should you require any! @pbarky74

What kind of advice do you need now? Are you looking for lose your weight right now? If yes, I am also the same passenger like you. :slight_smile:

Can you suggest how to recover knee pain?

I’ve been playing for 8 weeks now. I am loving it. I’ve ended up playing in goal, which I didn’t intend to do when I joined up, but I have ended up doing it, as I used to play there in the dim and distant past and have now established myself between the sticks again. However, I am having a few aches and pains post match. Around week 4 I did what I thought was a groin strain, right side - did it an innocuously as twisting down to pick up a ball - in the warm up!

Since then it’s niggling me every week and at times, seem to have spread across my pelvis. It’s clear that it’s aggravated by diving around as the launch off / dynamic power when you dive comes from this area. Aside from stretches, which I try and do pre match time permitting, is there anything else I can do. I am also waking up as stiff as a board in the joints the day after the match.