Acid Reflux


Does anyone on here suffer with acid reflux and use PPI’s?


I did, very badly in fact. When I changed my diet the reflux stopped pretty much straight away. I believe it had a lot to do with the alcohol as well. I didn’t find I needed to loose too much weight before it no longer happened. Since then I haven’t had it at all despite beginning to drink wine again in the last month.


Up until a few weeks ago, before I lost a few lbs., I was having terrible episodes at night where I would wake up choking on the stuff and sucking some of it down the wrong pipe. It would be 15/20 minutes before the burning and coughing and horrible taste would ease enough for me to lay back down and go back to sleep. I mentioned to my Dr how losing a few pounds seemed to have helped and he said he’d rather not put me on a PPI if Zantac would take care of it. I keep some on hand and only use it when I eat something I know to be a culprit and so far, so good. He said something about extended use of PPIs messing with the body’s ability to absorb calcium.


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I used Zantac or similar for years but cutting the booze right down seems to have resolved it. Losing weight must have helped too


@cwoods I self diagnosed myself with silent reflux (in adults) as years and years of clearing my throat and feeling something was stuck in there. Nasal drip was ruled out and also having my nose broken three times, in my yoof, wasn’t seen to be the cause. My asthma nurse didn’t want to know about it so I bought Gaviscon Advance (£10 for a large bottle) … Had a few spoonfuls and I cough/snort no more or need my inhaler to clear that irritating feeling in my throat.
I now use Gaviscon Advance every other day and I’m sorted. I do find that wine will dry out my throat so I might have a dose to give my wife some peace whilst watching tele.


My acid reflux went away after I cut back my drinking and lost 10 pounds


Horrible feeling, losing a few pounds helped me too, but I still suffer if I have a late night binge. I know it will happen. I will learn eventually.
The antacids help but I think that weight loss is the only long term cure unless there is another medical condition underlying the problem.


That’s an interesting point there @BackAttack. After most meals and even coffee, I feel that there is something ‘stuck’ in my throat - but not!! and I am aware that I’m constantly clearing my throat - even though I know there is nothing there??

Can’t say that losing 20lbs has helped either - I still do it??

I’ll google that - see what it throws up



When I quit smoking and drinking and lost weight the acid reflux went away - one of the more enjoyable benefits of changing my lifestyle.

I hated acid reflux.


Ha ha @bignorthernlad

I had been coughing and snorting since my early twenties… Just feeling irritated all the time but slightly more after food and drink. The Gaviscon that worked for me has to be the “advance” one.
Be interested to know how it works out for you.


Used to suffer with this but rarely drink now so that has helped.

Also not eating after 7pm and not eating ice cream (always used to trigger it) anymore has stopped it.

Hopefully losing weight will nail it once and for all.


Just found this one, I suffered Reflux so badly that it put me in hospital 3 times with a suspected heart attack, I had all the symptoms and the first two times the hospital couldn’t find anything wrong which was great news, the third time was the worst, I was in hospital for a couple of days having blood tests galore and eventually they said there is nothing wrong with my heart and they thing I suffered true heart burn.

I had and Endoscopy and Colonoscopy done at the same time (not pleasant) and they found some serious scaring on my esophagus, this will never heal completely but my acid has now changed as I have had the Gastric bypass, I still have a lot of gas but no more reflux.

For anyone who suffers bad acid I recommend Omeprazole, this is better than Gaviscone and Rennie as it reduces the production of Acid in the first place.


I’ve also previously suffered with acid reflux. At one point I was suffering really bad every single night. I then realised it was my binge eating and more specifically when I ate a lot of items with chocolate. So far I have not had it in about month but I do feel for you all who have had it worse.


Don’t presume because your told it is Acid Reflux, that without proper checking it is acid reflux. My own diagnosis became an increasing problem, limiting mr cycling and over time affecting even insignificant efforts such climbing a hill or stairs. An underlying far more dangerous heart failure problem, was actually the cause in my case, and I regard myself as so lucky to have escaped so lightly, despite having a LAD total blockage. Listen to your body and push for in depth checks and don’t take no for an answer.


I had it for years, and took Zantac and Prilosec on a regular basis. As soon as I cleaned up my diet, it went away. Even before I lost weight.


I don’t have chronic acid re-flux, just occasional re-flux. Mostly if I eat cheese (or something greasy), and not much else.

I found a good counter to it was milk. Pour myself a glass, and take a sip every time I feel it starting to burn my throat.