Act of complete Dietary and Financial folly


Here’s something I can do maybe five times a month…thinking about it makes me feel foolish…putting it in writing will now make me LOOK foolish too (which will hopefully help me to put a stop to it, once and for all.

I can finish work, some time between 5 and 6 o’clock… over the course of the day I’ve eaten healthily (mainly thanks to my wife’s food allergies), so we’ve only wholesome, fresh foods in the house, and I take my own stuff to work - two mains typically chosen from fresh salmon, mackerel, chicken breast, tuna steaks plus salad, handful assorted nuts, fresh fruit and wife-made veg juice to have as and when hunger pangs may strike…which they never do.

So come 6 o’clock I may go to the gym alternate days, or I may not…whichever way, I’m definitely NOT hungry and not necessarily thirsty…as I drink white wine and of course that shouldn’t be classed as a thirst-quencher…

Nevertheless I pop into one of the pubs near to home and think ‘I’ll have a cheeky sauvignan’…then multiply that by three because it now supposedly tastes nice, and anyways I’ve got the taste for a couple more then… wouldn’t you know it, I get the whiff of food going from kitchen to table so, because I’m now ‘hungry’ I order something…usually costing say £11.95.

So there we have it - from the position where I’d probably consumed 1,900 calories of healthy food and was genuinely and consciously satiated - I’ve now blown £25 ; consumed calories I simply did not need, and all because I didn’t just go home for a bike ride, or simply wait the extra hour or two til the good lady gets home.

What’s that?..down £25, up 3,000 calories - and get troubled by the fact I’m 2 or so stones overweight when I could be flying! Wtf…

Anyway…30 days dry (see Man v Beer thread) to coincide with same period for me to appreciate that (previous) behaviour qualifies me as a t**t.


Day 3 out of 3 completed dry!!!


Mate, I do this 5 times a week. I wouldn’t worry about it.


We’ve all done this, amazing how that one of glass of wine creates a snowball effect…


I’ve done that literally beer hits mouth and my head goes well you’ve fucked it have a burger. Guess it’s those mental challenges that are the hardest to overcome