Addidas City Run 1 hour



Anyone else seen this? I had it through on the sort of email I would instantly have deleted without even opening before MvF but since I am now a completely different person to the lazy, fat slob of 2 years ago I thought I’d take a look.
It is essentially a 1 hour run around a closed road circuit in Central London set over a 1 mile course with the goal of simply seeing how far you can run in the hour.
I’m looking at taking part in the 2pm start with some of the guys from my MvFF leagues down here in the South-West but it could be a fantastic PR opportunity as well couldn’t it? If we got enough guys taking part I could bring my branded bibs down and we’d be sure to get some coverage.
Check out their website at and let me know if you’re interested, they even have a referral system so we could get a fiver back too.

BBC - Get to running 5k in 9 weeks!

1 week before the Borehamwood League (and guests) hit a Park Run in bulk… I’ll pass the link on to our “Runners”


good man, just tell them to get in touch with me on here or


I’ll do anything for a shiny medal!!:medal_sports: count me in !!


Yep. I’m all signed up. Looks quite intriguing. Unfortunately I’m down for the 1130 wave.


I can’t commit until I’ve checked trains / cost / time off etc. Give me a couple of days and I’ll get back to you.


Apologies, but I’m deffo not available now - stress fracture 2 metatarsals! Really screwed my footie too :frowning:


Bummer! Hope you recover quickly


Hi @smithr82

I’m happy to sign up and stuff… how do I proceed with your referral stuff etc?



@Doctor_Bong @Kev_Ayling looks like @smithr82 is out.
How do we go about getting a sign up setup and using referral links so we get a fiver back? have you guys registered?


Yes, I’ve registered. Not sure what you mean about referral links. I’ll have a look.


what time are you doing it @Doctor_Bong ?


I feel really rubbish about this after starting the thread but I’m no longer able to take part now I’m afraid gents, sorry


Don’t worry about it mate - you’ve started the cause which will be of benefit to me and others. Hopefully you can be part of something similar and rally the troops again next time.

Im definitely keen to get involved - Ill sign up now and share the link with a referral thing if anyone wants to hop on using that. I am on the 9am slot… keen to finish it and have the rest of the day to recover lol



I’m in the 1130 wave

@smithr82 if you hadn’t started teh thread, a bunch of us who are doing it would have thought we were doing it on our own. Now we know we’re not, so thank you, and get better