Adding before pic to the MVFIA requirements

Morning all - as most of you are doing, or have done, MVFIA groups before I wondered what you would feel about adding a before pic as a requirement for joining the groups?

I’d like to do it because that way I know people have taken one, it’s also a great way of showing progress. I think it also shows that people are committed to the idea of the groups and will give it everything they’ve got.

It could be PMd to admin, or added to a thread in the group, it could be done headless if people want to remain anonymous and needn’t be shirt off.

Dunno - what do you lot think?

I think it’s a good idea myself - as long as peeps have the choice of dress ( having said that loose t shirts should be banned as they don’t show true figure ) and anonymously doing so if they want - in one of my groups we did have a selfie day to include a shirtless pic and I think everyone took part ??

Anyway add me to the yes camp

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Its probably a good idea, although over a 30 day period I haven’t noticed any change in my physique at all… probably more noticeable over 2/3 lots of 30 days?

Good idea. Ultimate accountability.

I think it’s a good idea to have the option. I don’t agree it should be compulsory. I think maybe it should be one of those things the group can decide on amongst themselves, like with the weigh in days and what sort of threads to include.

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I’m happy to do it. I have a before picture. I’m in my vest and pants. At the time I needed a picture that showed the full extent of my weight but with out it being rude.
I’ve worn far less on the beach here in the UK with family but I would be inclined to crop my head off first before posting.
Having a pic floating around on the net forever of me fit and nude would be less worrying than one of me fat and standing in my underwear looking like crap on January the first.

Don’t mind either way although I tend to agree with stokiedan that in a 30 day period I don’t think many of us would see any significant change to our physique. Having now lost nearly a stone and half other than being able to tighten the belt another couple of notches and as my wife says I have less chins I’m not sure there has been that much change in my body.

How about if it was a send it to admin type thing? One of the things I’m trying to improve are the guys who get all energetic in the first few days and then fall away leaving groups with two or three members. It still works like that but it’s better if everyone is fully committed and I think the pics are a solid indication of that.

I can see what you’re trying to achieve. I really don’t have an objection to it, if it’s something that keeps the groups from shrinking in less than a week.