Advice on knee support


I recently joined ManVFat Glasgow and enjoyed a kick about. However I’m really worried about injuring my knee. I had keyhole for cartlidge surgery years ago and it’s not strong. I felt a twinge after 20 mins. I’m just wondering if anyone can recommend a knee support and tell me whether it has worked for them / their experience. I’m 5’11 and 21st - it’s got to fit, be comfortable and do the job.
Thanks in advance


Hi Robert

I would always recommend a good warm up to anyone especially someone who has had or is recovering from an injury, I would also suggested some mobility and strength work regards your knee this will hopefully reduce the risk of further injury.

In the meantime you might find a knee support/brace gives you a little more confidence and support look for one that has patella support and if you feel that you need more support round the knee look for one with supportive spines down either side. (plenty available on amazon)

any other questions just message me.


Hi Robert

The problem I have faced with support straps is that being big they are not comfortable, so I now use kinseo tape (rock tape is the brand)

It can be applied to give support to a more targeted area, I use it for arch support on my feet, shin splints and elbow strain

Hope that helps


I managed to get one for a 20 inch knee - measure it and it should fit. I’ve never found a comfortable one in the past - so I’ll maybe try the tape. Thank you


What way do you strap your feet for arch support

Regards Paul