Alcohol free drinks


I’m doing a post rounding up some of the best low/no alcohol beers and drinks around with these excellent cats:

Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations that they’d like to add in. It can be anything non-alcoholic (virgin cocktails, no alcohol beers, etc) we’ll add them to the taste test.

My favourite is this. I keep hearing bad things about it but it does the job for me. 0% alcohol and - importantly - only about 40 calories per bottle.

Any other favourites?

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Brewdog’s Nanny State is good, actually tastes like beer.


Definitely brewdog;s nanny state… it is by far the best alcohol free beer on the market!

Also non alcoholic Kopperberg is a popular one in our house.

If you’re out for a curry?? Non alcoholic cobra! Boom!


Non-alcoholic Cobra tastes funny to me, like sugar puffs or something.

I like Becks Blue.


I did dry January and tried a lot of non-alcohol beers. Necks was the best, but not chilled. It’s brewed then the alcohol burned off, like distillation in reverse.
Cobra and baveria 0.0% are non-brewed malt drinks, hence the sweetsugar puff (non-fermented cereal) taste.
I tried the ciders and the wine. All just about passable. I made the 30 days anyway!
I fancy this nanny state brew…


I drink Becks Blue and find it a nice drink. Would like to find a Non Alcoholic Cider for when I’m driving.
Apple juice is NOT cider, which is what I’m some times recommended.


@Jaxom sorry I seem to have missed something out in my above post as it should have read…

“Also non-alcoholic Kopperberg is a popular one in our house”

I have now adjusted the post.


Nanny State from BrewDog all the way.

I actually work for BrewDog and can confirm that the same love and attention (if not more, actually) goes into making Nanny State than all of our other beers.


No way - for some reason I had you placed down South (or in Wolverhampton). I officially love Brew Dog. Punk IPA is my default option. Where can we get Nanny State from?


I live in Nottingham - I’m based remotely! I am a Wolves fan though hence the avatar.

You can either get it from the bars or from the online website (which is probably cheaper, and delivery is only ever £5)


Do you have an affililate code you want me to order through so you get the credit?


Are there really only 15 calories per bottle? That’s ludicrous!


I actually don’t know about the calorie content! If so, that’s insanely good!

No affiliate code or anything I’m afraid


Well, that’s what it says on a couple of different sites. I wonder whether it’s 15 cals per 100ml, which would make it 45ish per bottle.


Either way it is pretty good!

It wouldn’t surprise me if it was 15 calories per bottle as there really isn’t anything added to it to make it calorific.


I own shares in brew dog… It’s a great company with even better beer!


Our Tesco Extra sells it at £1.30 a bottle but not sure if it does so nationally. Found down the non/low alcohol aisle… :sunglasses:


I got a couple of bottles. It’s not bad at all is it? May be bit over hopped, but that’s a personal preference. It’s drinkable.
A neighbour noted the lack of alcohol immediately - citing, ‘I just couldn’t taste it if you know what I mean’. I do know what he’s saying, but it didn’t jump straight out at me.
Nice work guys.
Just try to be nice to the guys at Vodafone customer support in the future…you know what I mean.


Our main Tesco sells Nanny State in single bottles at £1.30 each.


Yeah it is a little bit ‘thin’ due to the lack of alcohol but that’s to be expected.

As for the hops, well it is BrewDog! :blush: