Alcohol free drinks


Indeed BrewDog do love their hops! And it’s actually why I like it so much.

I agree also its a bit thin but as @stanhullis says is is non-alcoholic after all.

There are many other varieties out there but for me this one is neck and shoulders above the rest. :smiley:


A friend of mine recently purchased the Hooch brand… I’ll have a word :smiley:


Sorry to lower the tone but does anybody know anything about alcohol-free wine rather than beer? Last time I tried low-alcohol wine it was disgusting (incredibly sweet) so I assume alcohol-free will be worse - but if you guys all like the beers maybe the wines are ok too?


Tesco sells Alcohol free wine, but I haven’t tasted it.


Not tried them all but the ones 8 have were like rancid Ribena. Not sure it’s possible. Schloer is a good grown up NA fizz or possibly tonic water.


Schloer is a good grown up NA fizz with 45 calories per 100 mls.


I wish they would do non alcoholic beers on tap - would look and feel so much better when on a night out.


That and the selection if they do have any at all is absolute garbage (at least in my experience). What puts me off trying these online buys (especially the wine) is the minimum orders. It is quite a cost for a box or half dozen bottles of wine that you can’t get your hands on as a single unit to try it in the first place.


hmmm not looking good. If I’m going to lose the weight I have to keep off the alcohol. To say nothing of needing to get my blood sugar down. Decaffeinated earl grey tea is the devil’s brew, almost literally.


Something I like - a G&T with just the tiniest drop of G. It’s a distinctive flavour and no matter how weak you mix it you still feel you’re not having ‘just tonic’.
Even better just wet your finger with gin & run it round the glass rim. You get the gin flavour without the booze.


That’s interesting. I did a quick search on google and it turns out you can buy gin essence from home brew shops. There are also people giving their own receipes.


Haha, that sounded like the most alcoholic thing anyone’s ever said.

For some reason it reminded me of this


Little tip learned from unscrupulous bar practices. charge punters for a G&T but all they’re getting is a T. The nose is more powerful than the tastebuds, and all that…


Brewdog do a fantastic ordering service online. I purchased a crate of nanny state to get me through the Euros!


How’s it been Andy? I want to see a Victory thread from you if you’re still off the pop as that is an achievement and a half.


44 days 12 hours… not that im counting or should I say my iphone countdown app is doing that for me.
For anyone interested I’ve set myself a challenge of the first May bank holiday to the August bank holiday without letting alcohol touch my lips.

Not only has it improved my sleep and fatigue but your weekends are suddenly your own.

People who know me from the Solihull Man V fat football will know how much Saturday drink sessions were a big problem for me.

I may start a new thread once its finished hopefully along with a big loss to show. 15kg down from the start of Man v Fat football and 6kg of that in the last 4 weeks.


The Hairy Dieters (AKA The Hairy Bikers) recommend sparkling mineral water with a dash of angostura bitters (a cocktail mixer). It’s definitely worked for me (most of the time!).


Well done @andybuck100. Keep it up.


Did you make it? Beer has got to be my biggest weakness…

Being a Homebrewer too it’s ultra tough.


I sometimes try to drink diet cordial instead of soft drink but I often wonder if I’m doing any better.