Aldershot League

If there is anyone here interested in the proposed Aldershot League, there is a very good chance it will be happening soon. John from the Shots Foundation says he has some I’s to dot and T’s to cross and we could be moving forward.

Bit of a bugger though as there goes my excuse of ’ well I’m just waiting for…’

Considering it, it’s a bit on the far side for me, but there’s currently nothing closer

Worth trying, it is a really easy place to find and the facilities are great over there. Where would you be coming from?

From Addlestone. I have mentioned it to a few people I know, and there could be a change of a Woking league after next summer

Yeah, 45 minutes to an hour. Just on the edge of reasonable.

Hi all, just joined the group. Don’t really know if the app has registered me to the Aldershot league, did not find any reference to that in my account… What should I do? Just show up on (a) Monday?

Did you go this past Monday Georgios? It was the signup/initial weigh in

It was good to see everyone there :slight_smile: keen to get started properly!

Hi sorry only just stumbled across this! Do you have to have a team to play or can you come along and join a team on the night? Cheers Rob

I’m not sure what would happen now Rob. Those that signed up have already been placed in to teams. Might be worth emailing

This would suggest you can still sign up.

What’s the run down? Cost, days, times, etc?

We are about half way through our first season Alan, but there are plenty of people doing it. So I’d be amazed if a second season didn’t happen early in the new year.
Obviously biased, but I think it’s well worth it.

I know that a few of the teams are struggling with numbers. Red’s could do with a couple more and the Yellow’s are looking for a player or two. If you were to sign up then you should be assigned a team to play with.