Alternative to goal setting


I have discovered in most areas of my life, goal setting does not inspire me. It is the basis for most weight loss stragies and exercise strategies, but it just does not compute for me. If I say my goal is to lose a pound a week or something like that, reminding myself of that goal is not at all motivating for me. Maybe it’s because I have not met a meaningful goal in so long, I can’t connect to how good it feels which could propel me to another goal.

There must be a different way to think as an alternative to setting goals. I am driven and I like a good challenge, but I think I like the challenge more than the goal maybe? Not sure, but I welcome your thoughts.

Thanks guys!


In the words of the great Coach Taylor ‘success is not a goal it’s a byproduct’. Try not focussing on things like weekly weight loss and instead improving your fitness and diet, do exercise you enjoy and try lots of healthy foods until you find what you like. Losing weight will be the byproduct.


You should get into the challenge threads also. Lots there losing different amounts also. At my weight I need my goals. I never used to hit them but now they seem to be happening. I’ve set my self a nice reward when I get to a certain point. Good to see you back


Thanks guys. Good thoughts and ideas. I’m turning it all over my head to get a good view of what works for me at this point. Focusing on overall healthy living is a good start and will maybe get my momentum up for some short term goals.



What will losing weight mean for you?

What’s the outcome, the advantage, the benefit you’ll gain?


There IS an alternative to simple goal-setting @bbats … if my memory serves me correctly, you’re up for simply FEELING better, are you not?

Then bear in mind what I guided you towards; it’s done that for me and other friends.

Weightloss the by-product.


This is a good one, try shifting to focusing on enjoying the process itself & how it makes you feel