Another clothes clearout with a twist! :-)


It’s time for another charity clothes donation today… however this time I thought I’d use a different model (my dad) to emphasise just how MASSIVE some of my outgoing clothes are :smile:

All XXXLs or XXXXL - lol!


Hi there I had do the same over the weekend it’s my 2nd clear out !
But charities gain , keep up the good work !:nerd_face::+1:


:joy: Brilliant.


Slowly phasing in New, better fitting clothes, but do to the lack of funds to buy new clothes with I’ll have to wait to do any purging.


I’m sorry, posting on your post with my issues, didn’t even talk about how awesome those pics are, congrats! Easy to lose perspective at times.


Awesome post!!!


lol! I don’t think my dad knows he is on the internet!

thanks for all the nice comments!


true @theseventensplit - I am getting by on one suit at the moment, I’m having job interviews and I look ridiculous… the expense of new clothes is a definite double edged sword!


Great pics!

Due to my former profession I once had closets (and closets!) of expensive suits over a vast range of sizes and styles from 28 inch waists and up to 60 in waists. At one time at my heaviest I decided it was stupid to keep so many clothes I’d never wear so off to the charities they went. Then, wouldn’t you know it I lost 100 lbs. No problem I thought as I was retired and wouldn’t need suits. WRONG. Funerals. weddings, festive occasions. As the weight came off I was constantly finding myself with somewhere important to go to with no suitable clothes. I ended up, over time, finding myself over time having to buy a new suit in whatever smaller size I’d now reduced to. And usually at the last minute. When the weight came back (“Hello darkness my old friend”) I made sure to keep at least a token number of clothes (1 suit, 2 jeans, a few shirts, appropriate underwear etc.) in each size as I passed through it on the way back up - just in case. This was particularly difficult with suits, but sometimes just finding new jeans and shirts etc that fit was difficult.

And sure enough, now that sanity has again prevailed and the weight is coming off again I just dig out the appropriately marked storage and digout the needed “new” and smaller clothes. (Currently 4 sizes down.) Any of my relatives can pass away now without fear that I’ll show up at the funeral improperly dressed!

Bottom line,I’d be cautious in tossing TOO much out. Yes, I konwmthat tremendous amounts of valuable home storage can be eaten up with old,clothes. And there is a psych value of getting rid of clothes that you’ve outgrown. But from a practical perspective I’ve learned, at,least for me, the value of keeping SOME “just in case” items. This is easier for men who are not quite as changing style ridden as the ladies.