Any cyclist use Zwift?


Just getting into cycling… purchased a Giant TCR and a smart trainer that arrives tomorrow.

Downloaded ZWIFT which seems up my street for now. Basically a virtual bike ride that syncs up to your smart trainer… you can compete in races or just work out.

Would be cool to buddy up with someone of a similar level ?


I know of two anyway. Not sure how active @miniwomble and @Adrian


Yes, I Zwift a lot (and ride outside too), and am a big fan - it’s strangely addictive.

Happy to give you advice if you need it. Also tap up @adrian - he’s a regular Zwifter

Also happy if you want to follow me (m. Iniwomble), but i’m a level 23, C rider. If you’re new to it, you’ll need to build up your levels/fitness if you want to ride with me :wink:

Good luck - let us know how you get on

If there are other zwifters, perhaps we can start a thread?


Gosh my ears are burning. Haven’t been on the site for months and just I come quietly crawling back @greenballs and @miniwomble mention me.

@ThisTime I bought a turbo trainer some years ago and started with Zwift about 18 months ago. I found the numbers (power, heart rate etc) really engaging as well as the graphics. Through the summer I’ve been tending to do 2 or 3 rides per week on Zwift with a long one outdoors in the real world at the weekend.

In terms of buddying up with someone it’ll always be a struggle to find someone with similar levels of ability and availability on here. However:

  • Each time you go on there will be piles of people on of all abilities. It’s usually possible to ride with a few people as you catch them or they catch you, at least for part of your ride.
  • There are group workouts which are based on Functional Threshold Power so that the group stick together but at the same time it is equally hard for everyone.

If you have questions then feel free to message me or post up on this thread.


Cheers guys I’ll add you all, I’m looking forward to starting tomorrow ! Will jump on the groups


Group rides are a great way to start. Pick a nice flat route and get in the pack (draft). But at some point you have to learn to love hills😭


Important to get your Functional Threshold Power right at the start. Be honest about your weight too. You can update as you loose and it’ll get easier. First few weeks you’ll spend learning things and learning is quite tiring!


Yep I’ve set my account up with my accurate weight. I am taking this serious as I can get my confidence up before the spring/summer when I can get outside too…

This is going to be my exercise 4/5 times a week


I started before I started to loose weight. I was hopeless at first. 23 stone and couldn’t manage more than 15 minutes. My one bit of advice would be to make sure you enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it you won’t stick with it.


I have been interested in Zwift for ages. What equipment have you guys got?


I have a Giant TCR bike.
An Elite Qubo b+ FE c smart trainer
ANT+ adapter


Bianchi intenso
Wahoo kickr snap
Wahoo kickr climb (just for fun)
iPad/iPhone combo
Garmin cadence and HR monitor
CABLE ANT+ -> Bluetooth converter
Mat, towels (lots) headphones

Any cyclist will tell you- it ain’t a cheap sport


Certainly not cheap :-)!! Have a nice bike gathering dust this year but always enjoyed cycling and spin classes are bril!!

Thanks for the recommendations


As winter approaches, I’m quite intrigued by Zwift and Turbo Trainers.

What sort of setup do you guys have? How much does it cost?


Limited knowledge here as I’m going off what my friend has helped me to setup with.

A bike (various)
A smart trainer (that has Bluetooth and can alter the resistance in line with zwift - £170 second hand)
Ant+ dongle (£11)

Zwift is free for so many KM and then £13 a month


It’s pretty much what @ThisTime has said. You need:

A bike - it helps to have one dedicated to it so your not having to change wheels and tyres etc. I baught an economy Halfords job.
A smart trainer - the best new ones can cost up to £1000 but cheaper available.
A device with a screen - computer, laptop or IPad.
Zwift subscription - about £8 per month. But other competing platforms available and evolving.

It’s quite a financial and space commitment so like any exercise equipment you want to be sure you’re going to use it before wading in. So might be worth trying it first. I went to the cycle show at the NEC a couple of weeks ago. There were opportunities to try it out. At least one local bike shop has this opportunity near me.


What works for me is I can exercise in the dark. Also riding outdoors is time consuming. If I go out at the weekend it’s a whole morning. Not that that’s a bad thing but during the week I can just jump on, do a pretty intense hour and the whole thing is 90 mins including prep/shower etc.

And it’s fun! All the people I know with turbos manage about 20 mins staring at the wall before boredom gets them. Zwift is very engaging and slightly addictive - you want to do it. Trainers with no engagement is a chore.

Downsides: you need the kit and there’s a monthly fee. You need space. It can be noisy if using indoors. It can be messy (you will sweat like a fountain)


Do you fancy HiiT bike sessions?..see thread I’ve set up ‘Anyone for HiiT?’ Great training for Zwift/ turbo activities