Any other Gamers here?


Hidy ho all,

Wanted to ask if anyone else played video games and/or board games in their free time. Or if it was just me?


I do when I have time. Which is not often at present due to work and family commitments.


Never really got into video games cause my hand/eye coordination wasn’t good enough to get on the leaderboards, stuck to RPG’s and war games… fuelled by beer and snacks lol

Keep thinking I’d like to revisit my misspent youth but time and opponents seem to be in short supply these days.


Its not for everyone. I was just curious if there were some other people loosing weight, and liked the odd video game every now and again.

That’s actually part of the reason I gained weight myself. Too much video games, not enough outdoor stuff.


Not quite a video game but I get on Zwift a few times a week.


Playing battlefield on Xbox. Big reason why I put it on as I got lazy and just sat playing. Before kids of course. Now I play when I can and aware of not being on a lot.


Mainly tablet gaming for me, although I have cut back in recent months - noticed a big correlation between lack of weight loss and more time gaming. I know it’s a bit of a cliche, but sitting down staring at a screen for ages ain’t good.


I play on ps4, i normally play MWR, or BOPS 3, tried ww2, but thought it was awful. What do you play?


I’m a PC gamer. But I did pickup a switch recently.

Lately, I’m playing Fallout 4. But battlestar galatica: deadlock before that.


That’s what I do with Zwift bt it seems to be doing me quite a lot of good. :slight_smile:

Though I am concerned about @miniwomble he’s just taking it up and is already showing signs of addiction.


On PS3 I play Pro Evolution Soccer. We sometimes have “Evo nights” which involves beer, food and gambling - great combination.
I am hoping to host the next event as I have my school to myself so no family members can get annoyed as all us boys (men?) can just mess around down there. Big screen projection too!


What are your thoughts on Fallout 4? I loved FO3, but got bored of New Vegas and didn’t even complete 4. I found that it was just more of the same tbh. The base building mode was a great idea but terribly executed.


I’m a big Xcom fan. Currently replaying Xcom 2 with the War of the Chosen add on. Extremely fun and addictive turn based strategy.


[quote=“cwillow, post:12, topic:28164, full:true”]
What are your thoughts on Fallout 4? I loved FO3, but got bored of New Vegas and didn’t even complete 4. I found that it was just more of the same tbh. The base building mode was a great idea but terribly executed.[/quote]

I agree with you on the base building aspect. I’m coming back to 4, after a few years leaving it alone. And I’m rather enjoying myself, for the most part. When you completely ignore the settlements asking for help and the minute men, the game gets rather fun.

I did some exploring on the southern edge of the map last session. Killed a mirelurk queen, found another suit of power armor. I also joined the underground, but I don’t feel like their views and mine are aligned much. That said, the loading screen is saying they’re the only group fighting the institue. So thats something at least. But for me, I like the brother hood of steels ideas when it comes to the institute. They seem harsh, I know. But, c’mon, that entrance was awesome! And who doesn’t love power armor + laser weapons?

I liked xcom enemny uknown/within a lot. But 2 just wasn’t hitting the right cords for me. Not sure why either, maybe because the ending of the first game was just auto determined? Made the whole thing seem like a waste of time, and I sunk alot of time into the first one.

@StevenHaley game isn’t my thing, but that does sound like a great way to spend an evening with friends.


I love to play different kind of online games.


oh yea? what kinds of games do you like to play?


Car Racing is most favorite game for me. But now a days ‘Teen Patti’ ‘COC’ is much enjoying. Also playing ‘Candy Crush Saga’ as well.


I’m very much a gamer.
I used to be the kind who owed PC & consoles but since having kids have had to become more frugal so I’m just on Xbox One now.
I tend to pick games up long after they come out to avoid massive prices and huge disappointments.
At the moment I’m playing a fair bit of PUBG(it came free with the wife’s mobile contract) and revisiting GTA online and Fallout 4.


I have only a PS3. I was buying FIFA17 (same reason as you, waiting for cheaper prices) for twenty quid when I noticed it on the PS4 for a fiver!
I nearly bought a PS4 to save fifteen quid!


I have a switch, and I love it. I would highly recommend it for families/kids. The games are fun, and seem to be very kid focused.