Anyone been to Belgium?

I’m thinking of taking a break to Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp in September, spending a few days in each town/city.

Also it’ll be my first time traveling alone abroad, I’ve always put off the idea but this is sticking atm.

Does anyone have any tips, ideas and thoughts?

(I once went to Ypres on a sixth-form history coach trip. That’s about it.)

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I went there for ten days on a school holiday. That was 51 years ago, when I was twelve.

I remember coming home from school with an A4 sheet of paper announcing the holiday, not thinking for a single moment my father would agree (after all I was the fifth child after four girls and none of them had ever been on a school holiday)… absolutely amazed and so excited when he said ‘Yes’…

As I recall the all-in price was £30… I’m kind of thinking costs may have risen since then, but you might be lucky and I’m wrong… Hope that’s helpful

I have visited both Brussels and Brugge many times, lovely cities to explore but would say that you can easily do Brugge in a day, Brussels in a day or two.

Done Brussels and Brugge and I’d agree with Rem.

I’d also say Brussels isn’t all that unless you like beer, so it was great for me hah!

Make sure you go to the Delirium Cafe, over 3000 different beer options.

Went earlier this month. Recommend Eurostar, station isn’t too far from centre, walking distance. The local trains are clean, fast and cheap also.

Weren’t there for long but if you’re into your beer you’ll be in your element. All budgets - paid between €1 and €9 a pint!

The main square (Grand Place) is picturesque and make sure you have a waffle or two. The street frites are pretty popular too (not exactly healthy but when in Rome…).

The history with Belgium Comics (asterix, tintin etc) is all around the city with wall murials which is quite cool to explore. I don’t know if it was because I went during the World Cup but the whole city seemed football mad and there were loads of sports bars.

Wanted to visit the atomium (the 50s weird structure) but it’s out of the city and we ran out of time. The European Parliament is also apparently worth a visit but again, no time.

It’s a city I’m glad I visited but if I had another free weekend I’ll choose somewhere else rather than returning.

Wife took me there for my 50th, 2yrs ago. As someone else mentioned, so easy on Eurostar. Loved every minute, beer, boat trips & great food. Very picturesque.

I’d most likely fly from Manchester as I’m a Yorkshire bloke.

I was going to say that if you go by Eurostar you also get a free onward journey by train to any station within Belgium upto 24 hours after arriving at Brussels And free travel back to Brussels within 24 hours of your return Eurostar.

But as your planning on flying it might be useful info to someone else.

I’m a Yorkshire bloke…

So whatever’s cheapest! :grin:

Hitch with a HGV driver on the Hull-Zeebrugge ferry then. :joy::joy::joy:

I did that about 25 years ago.

Bruges is wonderful, but there will be beer. Be aware.

Also, get yourself acclimated before you go by watching In Bruges. One of my favourite movies.

Went there 3 months ago and drove the car there which us so easy and once we landed in France we were in Belgium in 2 hours