Anyone Done Pure Gyms - Pure Loser

As a member of Pure Gym I’m tempted to sign up for their Pure Loser course whilst waiting for MvF Liverpool to start up in mid October.

Has anyone done it before is it worth it? I’ve lost 3 1/2 stone without any help or real plan but after plateauing out i’m watching the weight creep back on (i’ve been in this situation twice before and ended up to where i began)

Apologies if i’ve did something wrong talking about a different firms weight loss scheme - you’ve got my £££ i just wanna get going with the footy but need something inbetween

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Ha! That’s fine, sounds interesting and I’ve never heard of it, how does it work?

This is the marketing spiel

£20 for gym members £35 for non members (may include 6wk gym membership not sure)

This educational course will teach you how to understand calories and how many you need to lose weight, build your confidence in how you train in or away from the gym, and teach you how to quickly prepare food that suits you.

Weekly support meetings and weigh-ins with your Pure Loser coach and others with similar goals will give you the motivation, confidence and support to succeed.

Pure Loser will help you discover the nutrition and exercise secrets that work for you. Thousands of Pure Losers have already turned their fitness goal into a success story. Want to join them?

The course lasts 6 weeks. The results will last much longer.

Hi I am a PureGym member and pure loser champion I did the six week course last September when I first started my ManvFat league & I lost 8+kgs over the six weeks on the course! It was the first time my gym had run the course as they were only open for six months when pure loser came around the way it worked for me was great as it coincided with my ManvFat weigh ins. On a Friday evening between 6-7pm I would get a 15-30 minute 1-2-1 chat with a personal trainer plus get weighed then we would look through the folder to see what exercise I had done & what foods drinks etc I had consumed a bit like ManvFat football sessions then we would go out on the gym floor & do 30-45 minutes of 1-2-1 personal training session worth its weight in gold for tips & techniques. I found it very focused for women personally as most things seem to be but alongside ManvFat i bossed it. Plus I only paid £10 direct to a member of gym staff I used my charm & looks to my benefit! I think it is more popular now it has been up & running for a while as I see bigger groups of people doing it. Hope this helps I do recommend it.

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The one for non members £35 only allows them access to the gym for the hour of the pure loser session I believe which is good value in it’s self & perfect for a mate who needs a bit of help or a partner to join you.

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I’ve done it. It was fantastic, I was lucky though there were supposed to be up to 15 in a group and there was just me. That said if you’re in a group of below 10 you will only benefit from it in my opinion.

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cheers lads - may bite the bullet and join it