Anyone else joined the planned Dartford league


Hi guys,
I’ve just signed up for the planned Dartford league but there is no info on how long it will be before it starts. Has anyone else joined Dartford? Or anyone know how close it is to starting? Wondering whether to swap to Strood, bit of a trek but it’s the next closest league.


Hi @Shaun87
Dartford is a very newly planned league so is still in its very early days yet with only 3 people registered so far. I recommend certainly utilising your referral code and getting as many as possible signed up that may be interested.

Some leaflets here too if its of any interest :slight_smile:


@Shaun87 it would be well worth swapping to Strood as you’d get it for free as well so that would cover the petrol!


I looked at strood first but it said was only free for ME postcodes


new to this and want to join a league - as you seem in the know … do you know how many people are registered for Dartford league so far? Live Orpington so technically closest but would be Dartford but happy to travel Gravesend, Tonbridge, or Strood at a push! Ideally Dartford or Gravesend (i dont want to go Croydon, traffic would do me in!)


Dartford is still at the planning stage, so less than 30 players are registered currently. The Strood League is live though, you can register to that league using this page -


Hi guys I’ve just signed up for the Dartford league
Do we know how many we are up to now.


Hi John,

Dartford is on 13 players currently, keep pushing to get those numbers up to 30 and then we can start a partnership there!


Dartford numbers gone up? Or still around the same :slight_smile:


Up to 14 players at Dartford, have a read on this forum post from @admin:-


I’ve just signed up to the dartford one. Fingers crossed we’ll get some more soon, as it’s the only one near me really.