Anyone know what ever happened to Team Jabba and Team Paul

Still waiting on results from these three MVFIA groups when the team coordinators are ready.

I’ll sort Quantum’s out on Monday unless @thatsitivehadit beats me to it :wink:

Only two guys truly finished in Chimera. At the end I was vaguely still attached by a hanging bit of gristle and an empty cupcake case. I will let one of the two guys who lost weight and crossed the finish line give you their results.
After 30 days I had put on a pound. My head has been in the sand, for the last team I’m afraid. I will strive to do better in the next 30 days.

Great, if you get the one who finished to post his results to me. I think it useful still to see patterns etc about what makes a group work.

I can still see the group as in the end I was clinging on by a tread. I posted every day but lost my way. So that’s why I was not tecnicaly kicked off.
Do you want me to feed back the results?


Just making sure all the data is up to date and accurate and trying to find out what happened to Team Will or Team Paul? Anyone remember this cold case?

Team Paul had @Jeremy, @19MTB74, @PenninePaul, @Keith_Martin @samuelherring in it.

Team Jabba @Jabba1, @dsyed, @Adam_Luckwell and @Pjwy1212 @SpartakBarnsley

Team Will had @thatsitivehadit @FatRocker @graysie @Will4318 @Falco

If the teams died, no problem. Just want to make the data as accurate as possible.

These are the teams that I believe are running at the moment. If your team is missing, just flag me.


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Hi, yes - I was admin on team Paul. Wasn’t sure what you wanted to know about it? Was v busy on the closing days of 30…
Remind me. :smile:

Wow … So many teams… That’s great. I hope they are all doing well.

Hi Paul,

Never got the final weight data. Who finished, start weight, end weight and height if you have got it. Useful for gathering stats, seeing what is working etc. I don’t think the early days were quite as well a refined process, so just making sure nothing missed.


Another Paul

Hi Paul

Team Will went a bit awry at the end as @Will4318 stopped posting - I started at 358.5lb and ended at 354.5lb so 4lb loss. Not sure about @FatRocker @Falco and @thatsitivehadit not clear from the Team Will posts they’ll need to let you know their results.



Thanks Graysie. If any other team will people finished their 30 days @fatrocker, @falco, @thatsitivehadit - If you have your data could you send it my way (private message or on here is fine).



Not sure what happened to @Will4318, hope hes doing ok.

I was 346 throughout…had a really hard time keeping things together through Team Will. No losses or gains, just…yeah…

Thanks @thatsitivehadit - good to make sure we capture the groups that haven’t worked as well etc. Thanks for updating/