Anyone need a player


I really need to get fit, seen this football man vs fat on tv how do I get in a team ?



Where do you live?

Register your interest at - you will be notified of leagues opening near you and you will have the chance to join in!



What Dan said. And welcome!


You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his carpet.


Notice you didn’t post yours Adrian.


I’m in an office at the moment. Says more about my employer than.


Sorry forgot mine !


The joys of office carpets!


Count me in! Dont know why!


I would post a photo of standard issue University carpet tiling, but you’d all be frantically scrabbling to join the public sector. The grass isn’t always greener, no matter how luxurious the floor covering.


I probably should have run the hoover around before snapping that. I’d also like to emphasise that it’s my toe in the bottom left quadrant and not a nip slip.

@ilpirata - tease.


Abellio Greater Anglia Train at the moment, feels like home given the amount of time I’m spending on them. Yet another frustrated Gooner. Going to the Rugby Premiership final on Saturday to cheer myself up.


And now I’m depressed. Would love to go again, especially when Leicester get back there again.


Oh, OK then. Twisted my arm.


Great carpets, guys.


Mine’s not standard it’s Russell Group. :wink:


Anyone else think @stanhullis might have done a quick whip round with the Dust Devil before taking that?


Woah, we run a tight ship here. Only need to hoover once a week…


Well either way that lead constitutes a trip hazard.


As much as I disagree with the very concept of the Russell Group, I have to point out that mine is also a member :wink: