Anyone tried Weight Watchers or similar?


I know the purpose of Man V Fat is to provide an alternative to the women-heavy (no pun intended…) Weight Watchers or Slimming World, but I’ve been wondering if it’s something I should look into as my motivation comes and goes like the tide.

Just thought I’d ask if any of you gentlemen have tried it and what your thoughts are about it? I think a points-based system might help me stay focused.


My wife is part of Weight Watchers and I have for a while followed the “pro points” way of life and find it works.

The downside is they are busy changing the system and my wife says she thinks its really penalising.

I have for a while now been just calorie counting.


If I remember correctly @admin did one or the other.


@thesquarebit, I’ve done WW in the past (with my wife) and it has been successful (while I did it). Think about it. It’s a calorie controlled diet with a different way of counting calories. Despite all the “complex” formula surrounding points values, essentially the more calories, the more the points value. with a bit of additional complexity to “add value” ie charge for it.

I actually found once you get into a routine of knowing the points value of what you eat regularly it was fairly easy, but I guess counting calories is the same. In the end I got bored of logging everything so I don’t do it. The recipe books can be good and they can teach portion control etc, but again, it’s nothing you can’t get cheaper elsewhere.

The tracking app, which is what we essentially paid for (I never did a meeting) is garbage. I haven’t used my fitness pal etc but it seems everyone on here who counts uses and likes that

In summary, save your money. I get more from this site than I’d ever get from a WW group and the forum here is way better, and if you want to count, count calories and use a free app.

Plus it’s for girls…


when I say “everyone on here who counts”, I mean everyone who counts calories. Everyone on here counts (matters) obvs :wink:


Done and doing SW. It’s dead easy, but buy and read the books. In the past I was a big green day man, I shifted stones (3) without much trouble. And you can smash the carbs down on the greens if you struggle without them. Currently 2 months in to red days, I am intentionally losing weight slowly (pound a week for 26 weeks…the plan!). The slower the better imo to keep it off. Remember to use your Syns to make meals a bit more interesting. Typically I spread them out through the day which keeps me more interested. Also if you are doing gym work the protein days are good for building muscle the greens for cardio/indurance. . Good luck if you try it and happy to share tips if necessay


I can count but I don’t know that I’m a very good spellerer.


Yep I’ve done WW and SW. I think both have their merits and if you stick to the plans then they do work.

WW is good in that nothing is banned it’s just a case of pointing everything. SW prizes cooking from scratch and teaches you more about the effects of ditching carbs.

Personally I found that both systems really just taught me to game their systems (eg eating massive quantities of the free foods because I was allowed) and in many cases that wasn’t healthy. I lost weight on both and then regained. So far the only diet I’ve not regained on was the one where I made up my own rules.


Cheers all!

I’m thinking about doing it because the points system will help me be more aware of the nutritious value of stuff. At the moment I focus mostly on calories which may help my weight but won’t help my health. And to be honest, it gets a bit complex when you look at more than meat, carbs and vegetables!


I’m a sceptic. I’ve done WW and SW and I have a significant problem with both: They both have there own lines of foods and their own lines of merchandise. They are both “for-profit” companies, and I’d question their deeper motivations.

That probably sounds a bit hard, but I’ve seen my mother and her friends having a lovely social time, paying their fees every week for years, but never actually getting anywhere. Not a fan.


Perhaps joining to get the WW & SW books would be the answer. Then after a few weeks drop the weekly classes and fees, but just continue with the methods they advocate.


Had a talk from someone at the MvF group in Weston last week who had done SW and lost around 14 stone. From the sounds of it the system works, it was the bitchiness of some of the other people there that got to him in the end.


It does not get complex if you look at it from the standpoint of protein, fat, and carbs though. Figure out your daily calories. Then figure out your required protein (1-1.5) and fat (0.4) based on grams per pound of lean body mass. Based on that calculate calories for proteins (4 per gram) and fat (9 per gram) . Whatever calories left is your carbs for the day. An example:

Weight is 220 lbs and fat percentage of 35%. Lean body weight is 143 lbs. Required protein is 143 grams and fat is 57 grams. Converted to calories that is 1287 calories from proteins and 515 calories from fat for a total of 1802 calories. If your daily calorie budget is 2000 calories that means198 calories from carbs. Carbs have 4 calories per gram so carb budget is 49.5 grams per day.

Now looking at these numbers you can eat any food as long as you take in 143 grams of protein, 57 grams of fat and 49.5 grams of carb a day. Want to eat less in calories then adjust according to the type of diet you want to follow (low fat or low carb) and cut accordingly.

BTW, the protein amount I used is for someone working with weights and moderately active, for protein levels at various activity levels look here:

Simple, really. :wink:


Ha! Are you having a laugh! Counting calories is too complex for many, calculating macros and abiding by them is a living nightmare for those of us who don’t take kindly to numbers!


Well, weren’t you the one that was lamenting lack of education in school in regards to diet, fitness etc.? So, as an adult it should not be a nightmare. Seems a bit contradictory to me in that if an adult finds it “a living nightmare” how would kids react?


The principles I think are easy and valuable, it’s more the maths that I struggle with. Numbers do a funny dance in front of my eyes in the same way that letters do for Dyslexics.


Have actually been trying Weight Watchers for the last few weeks. Surprisingly not as bad as I thought. Aside from the first session/lecture which was a bit to girly orientated, the rest of the time it has been good. Just turn up, weigh in, have a chat with one of the people running it if I need advice and then leave without having to wait for others to weigh in.
The weight is going down at about the same rate as it was with MvFF, so going to see how it pans out and then maybe not renew MvF next season, keep WW and take up a membership at the pool/gym instead.


I disagree. WW/SW appears to be ‘meet up & get weighed, swap recipes’ whereas MvFF caters for ‘meet up, get weighed, improve fitness levels’.

I often describe it as ‘WW but with free football.’


Done Slimming World - lost 4 stone, doing it alongside this to get to target.


Actually it was the not just being able to go in and weigh, and then leave that put me off MvFF. If I’d been a player would be different. But yeah from the other PoV I guess WW is MvFF without the football being rammed down your throat.