Anyone tried Weight Watchers or similar?


The clue in ‘Man V Fat Football’ is the name. :+1:


My comments weren’t a criticism of either of them, they work for many, many people. Essentially it’s a system to push people towards healthy, lower calorie food, something they don’t seem to be able to do without their network of support. I get that.


I started it 4 weeks ago and have lost 13lbs. I needed to refocus after losing my way a bit after Xmas, having lost 2 stone before just using MFP tracking and upping the exercise.

Having done it before, like 20 years ago (and losing 5 stone) I have found it quite good, and better than I remember. I think the app is pretty good and lets you scan stuff in and calculate points and I find the tracking easy after doing MFP for a solid 8 months. The Smartpoints push you towards the low sat-fat and low sugar options and the free foods are useful (as long as you’re sensible and don’t go bananas…literally). I also like the flexible system of keeping weekly points which you can spread across the days or leave for weekend treats like booze and a takeaway. You also get fitpoints for doing activity (linkable to Fitbit) and there are some Headspace meditation sessions on there as well.

The meetings or “workshops” are still a bit womany, but I’ve been made to feel welcome, and the leader isn’t one to push all the products.

My plan is to lose maybe another 3 to 4 stone on this, getting down to 15 stone, which I think is quite doable and then see where I’m at. I might then reassess and think about how to attack the last stone or two. I see it as a step along the way. Maybe I’ll change tack, maybe not.

I mean 15 stone would be amazing, really, from a starting point of 22 stone. I can see a massive difference now in my face and I’m getting old clothes on I had given up on.

I’ve also come to realise that keeping focus is not possible for me for more than 6 months at a time. I’ve read on here and other places that having a break from dieting is a good thing to do once in a while, so I think Christmas came just at the right time. Maybe the 2 month wobble was a bit long, but the good thing is I came out of it weighing the same as I did just before Xmas, so no biggy.


I’ve lost a lot of weight on weight watchers. I’ve given up now as I can’t afford it and actually learnt a bit about the science behind it.
I’d highly recommend it to anyone starting out though, they have a lot of good sign up offers.


What exactly did you learn mate?

Genuinely interested


Sorry, I don’t mean learnt the science behind WW, I mean with regards to actually losing weight.


Didn’t enjoy WW or SW. Too many people treating it as a social club, plus I felt very much a curiosity as the token man in the groups.


Yeah that’s what I meant mate, what science about fat loss did you learn from WW?