Anyone using video games to lose a few pounds?



Hi everyone,

I just bought a Nintendo Switch to help me with the move more ( and eat less) side of losing weight. The game I got is Nintendo Switch Fitness Boxing Pleased to report its working for me. I move more, it has a daily stretching work out and gives you stats on how my calories burned. More important of all its fun. I have a PlayStation Pro but that involves sitting on my ass playing Red Redemption 2.

Have you got any suggestions for fitness games on either the PlayStation or Nintendo Switch?

Can gaming get you fit? Are there any other MVF gamers getting fit and videogaming at the same time?


I have an EA Active for the PS3 and still haven’t set it up, wish the PS4 had something like it.

Thinking of picking up an xbox 360 for Kinect Sports, miss those games & I’m a lot fitter now than then.