Are you stressed?

Being stressed is no good for your weight, as anyone who stress eats will attest to. But do you know why?

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The trick is finding something that helps but doesn’t revolve around food…So, how do you deal with stress?


…ah, this post, in which I attempt science!

In stereotypical womanly fashion, I like having baths when I feel stressed. Also, and this is probably the most important thing for me, putting my phone down helps a lot too.


Im v stressed today after gettin a horrible email. Usually i deal witg stress by gym but the stress is actually to do with the gym so idk what 2do. I like baths an all

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I live my life one stressful minute at a time lol

I find that having 10mins to myself laying on the floor doing nothing with some relaxing music on (headphones) helps when I’m at breaking point, kinda like meditation I suppose, but no purposely, just emptying my head & staying still


Hi @emma1,

I had a new bathroom fitted when I moved in 17 years ago. The bath is scratched to ruin, having been used variously as a washing machine for the king size quilt that wont fit in the washing machine, a ‘sheepdip’ for my two dogs and a workshop for cleaning out various gravel filled fish tanks.

I have bathed twice (yes I know, “whether I needed to or not” haha). I find the idea of reclining in a pool of cooling water, topped with a layer of my own dead skin stressful! I would need to shower before having a bath… and if I’m already clean why would I then have a bath.

Tbh, like a lot of guys I don’t think I deal(t) with stress that well - turning to food and booze. Of course turning to booze leads to even more food, then more fat then more stress, etc.

I am now 54, so it has taken me half a century to come to this momentous conclusion - I am my own worst enemy!

I used to stress about everything from ‘what if there is traffic/i break down on the way to the airport’ to ‘could I have got this 2p cheaper at Aldis’ to ‘I hope they read this message in the spirit it is meant’.

Break down - it happens, deal with the reality, not the what if. Spend the 2p - the extra journey would cost more. Mostly people don’t care - they are grownups too, they’ll let you know if you p!ssed them off.

Biggest anti-stress for me… ‘Who gives a t055 if ‘whoever’ likes me’. I don’t need other peoples approval to validate me.

Please like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Stress is a killer for me when it comes to weight. If I’m busy at work (or allow myself to be consumed by work, rather) then my food choices go for a burton and I then get stressed about that on top. It’s a vicious thingummy.


Well that’s me put right off baths :grin:

Some really good advice in your post. I have done cognitive behavioural therapy many times over the years and that’s something that has really stuck with me, break it down. Talk yourself through it. Ask yourself why you’re feeling like that and honestly, what’s the worst that could happen and how would you deal with the worst? Usually by taking a step back and looking at it like that you realise it’s really not worth getting anxious about. It works for me anyway (well, sometimes!)


Interesting that you mention CBT, obviously you picked up on its influence. I’ve had a few sessions over the years. The first time I really wasn’t in the right place for it… ‘what am I supposed to say’, ‘what is the right answer’, ‘how are they judging me’ - I actually got stressed about the sessions :roll_eyes:

My most recent sessions were brilliant and helped me so much. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is struggling. I even bought a copy of ‘CBT for dummies’ which I refer back to on an ‘as needed’ basis.

@emma1 @Unimatrix0

My parents STILL share each other’s bath water!!! Whole new ball game of dead cell misery!

I mirror the comments about having a bath though for relaxation and stress relief.

Even though I am too tall to fit my entire length into any bath and do anything other than a top half first, then bottom half bathing process, there’s definitely something about having 30-45 minutes laid out in hot water, Epsom Bath Salts with some chilled music on in the background :slight_smile:

Im very stressed at the minute about many things, i just dunno how is a good way 2 deal w it exept gym

I’ve read that we often mistake hunger for dehydration: makes sense when hungover as I’m reaching for comfort food. So I try and make a cup of tea (about 10 a working day), when dealing with a difficult email or report. When I’m properely in control of my time management so work doesnt pile up - I lose weight. When work is bonkers is when it goes to shit.